Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Apple's US patent '871 on user centric widgets

The first claim of Apple's US '871:

1. A method, comprising: collecting historical data identifying sequences of user actions for tasks performed on a device, wherein each sequence of user actions includes navigation through a user interface of the device and interaction with at least one application; calculating, by the device, a current geographic location of the device; updating a task model of user action based on the collected historical data and the current geographic location; inferring a task of the user based on a comparison of a current sequence of user actions with the task model; identifying a number of dashboards or widgets based on the inferred task; presenting a list of the identified dashboards or widgets on a user interface of the device; selecting a dashboard or widget from the list of dashboards or widgets; invoking the selected dashboard or widget; and updating the selected dashboard or widget based on the task model. 



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