Monday, July 21, 2014

US 2,210,204 to a Wall Cabinet

From US '204:

This invention relates to improvements in towel dispensing wall fixtures, and a principal object of the invention is to provide a dispensing cabinet of this class of generally improved structural and functional characteristics.


Another object of the invention is to provide a cabinet of the stated character which shall be substantially dustproof.

The first claim recites:

In a wall cabinet of the type set forth, an integral molded body comprising side, rear and forwardly converging top and bottom walls, and an open front the upper and lower edges of which are defined respectively by the forward edges 1 of said top and bottom walls, said rear wall terminating at top and bottom substantially in line with the said forward edges respectively of the top and bottom walls, and a panel joining the top of the rear wall to the forward edge of the top wall and constituting the effective upper wall of the interior chamber of the cabinet.

Inventor Burton E. Ebert, assigned to Scott Paper.

There are seven claims, none depending from one another. There are 12 figures.

The word "converging" appears only in the claims. The word "effective" appears only in claim 1.

This patent is cited 36 years later, within USD 240576 (1976)

US '204 available through Google patents.

Note also Index of Patents Issued From the United States Patent Office, 1940-1941


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