Thursday, May 15, 2014

Plagiarism charges at Arizona State University

See New Book, New Allegations about charges against Arizona State University professor of history Matthew C. Whitaker .

Within the post, one finds the text

Donna Shear, director of the [University of Nebraska] press, said she hadn’t edited Whitaker’s book personally and couldn’t speak to the exact nature of his review process. She said the press does not and cannot check everything it publishes for plagiarism and that authors sign a statement saying they have not plagiarized, indemnifying the press from such charges.

All that aside, she said, “We stand by Matt.”

Shear continued: “I will say that all of this has been over the years sent to us by someone with a personal Gmail account, whose identity has never been revealed. But not only has [Whitaker’s] book been through rigorous peer review, knowing that he’s had an issue in the past, he took tremendous pains to make sure that there wasn’t anything that could be questioned in this book.”

This seems to be a “personal issue, not a professional one,” Shear added.

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