Sunday, March 16, 2014

"The Good Wife" on March 16, 2014

The show includes a series of flash backs to Alicia's days of re-starting as a lawyer, as she is (in current time) preparing a keynote speech to the ABA meeting in New York City.   The flash backs illustrate many adverse events in Alicia's attempts to get a job as a lawyer.  Alicia had not worked as a lawyer for 13 years.

Meanwhile, Will talks about Nelson Dubeck.

At the ABA. Elsbeth gives a talk on "my approach to litigation."  Close your eyes and picture a pillow.  (...)

A reprieve as to an appointment with Rayna Hecht, a noted rainmaker, and possible addition to Alicia's law firm.  Rayna is coming to Alicia's keynote.

A man costumed as a bear calls Elsbeth, on the street in Times Square, "a dirty stinking Jew".

Clarke Hayden advises Alicia to frame her ABA speech as one of female empowerment, to impress Rayna Hecht.

Alicia asks Cary what Cary thought of Alicia when they first met.  Cary:  I thought you were entitled.  Why did Will hire you?

Elsbeth to Nelson Dubeck:  How do you know the governor is guilty?  Dubeck:  He is the governor of Illinois.   Elsbeth records her conversation with Dubeck; one person consent is the law in New York (tho not apparently in Illinois).

About midway, Alicia gives her keynote.

I prepared by looking in a mirror; it was the only interview I could get.  Alicia noted she did have a good interviewer (Will Gardner, tho not identified in the ABA speech).  Use everything you have to get the job and don't feel entitled.  Flashback.  Will Gardner gives Kalinda a job to look into Alicia.  Old firm:  lacked a killer instinct, thus get rid of her.
Alicia in ABA speech:  Would I have felt differently if I were a man?  [Attendees start to leave, because of a hostile takeover announcement, and wanting to get part of the action.  Not because of Alicia.]  The key is to raise your profile.  Optout moms are held to a higher standard than everyone else.

Alicia and Will at coffee shop.  Alicia:  I just had 300 people walk out on me.  Why do you hate me?  I don't like you; hate is probably too strong.  Wow, it just never ends.  Don't ask the question if you don't want the answer.  We could never make it work.  You're linking together two things I never did.  If you were any other partner...  You're going to fight me on every client?  Alicia offers a handshake.  Will shakes.

Rayna was impressed with Alicia's speech.  Wants to meet in the lounge; have a quick drink with us.  How to destroy our competitors; may be best man win.

Jim Moody intercepts Will.  I only did what Eli Gold told me to do. [This goes to an IP theme of privacy.  Apparently, Moody was told by Dubeck to encounter Will, so that the encounter could be caught on a surveillance video, which Dubeck obtained directly from the hotel.]

Rayna meets.  Rayna says:  Powerful speech; I am sorry so many of our colleagues had to miss it.  You have female partners.  Rayna:  were you unhappy at Lockhart, Gardner?  Rayna:  what do you want Alicia?  What do YOU want?  Alicia:  I want a happy life and I want to control my fate.
Rayna:  Thank you gentlemen.  Clarke, later:  how were you supposed to answer?

Elsbeth singing:  high hopes.  This city inspires  me.  Nathan Lane's character on NYC:  this city makes me sweat.

Elsbeth announces she has partnered with Rayna. [Thus, one infers Alicia's answer to Rayna was not adequate.]

Lorraine Joy stops by Alicia.  Offers Alicia a job.  In earlier flashback, Lorraine had rejected Alicia.

Cast on March 16 included:  Nathan Lane: Clarke Hayden Jeremiah Wiggins: Howard Acocella Cady Huffman: Marina Vassal Skipp Sudduth: Jim Moody Jill Hennessy: Rayna Hecht Carrie Preston: Elsbeth Tascioni Polly Draper: Lorainne Joy Nestor Rodriguez: Cute Bear Eric Bogosian: Nelson Dubeck


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