Thursday, March 13, 2014

CBS "Elementary" on March 13, 2014 does patents, investors, NDAs, and science fraud

A tipster named "Adam Peer" accused one Dr. Granger of science fraud related to detecting cancer via breath analysis (device called the hound).  Investors were backing out.  Dr. Granger was murdered by helium asphyxiation. Granger's associate (Hank Prince) initially would not talk to Holmes, citing an nda.  Holmes pointed out that the work was published.

A woman who was seen arguing with Granger shows up at Holmes' door, and turns out to be a Mossad agent.  The agent met Granger at Columbia University.  Granger had contacted the Mossad agent to identify Adam Pear, who had sent a letter to a science journal accusing Granger of fraud.  Holmes was given emails of Adam Peer.   Onion routing is applied by Adam.
Taproxifen was Pear's first story.  Lawrence Cranford was a researcher who tried to tell the truth about dangers of the drug, but was ignored, and vanished.  Was "Peer" Cranford?

Merrill Grand was the company.  Cranford went to Baja and supposedly was killed in a surfing accident.  "Even the few good souls who got into healthcare."

"Adam Peer"  turns out to be two people, one of whom was Granger.  The accusation against Granger was by a "Peer" imposter.

The influence of money on good scientists.

Plagiarism, data that was too good.

Radnor Science is a competitor of Granger's company.

Then Hank Prince, Granger's partner, is arrested for murdering Hank's wife.

Sloan Teller is Hank's girlfriend.

Charles Hammond is CEO of Radnor.

Hammond talks about buying Granger's company.

Hank was the killer.  He needed the company to be of low value during the divorce.


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