Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jonathan Nyce, revisited

See the Spanish language account of the Jonathan Nyce affair in
Ella era pequeña, la mató a golpes y dijo “me defendí”

Yes, patents are mentioned:

Nyce había patentado más de 100 medicamentos y había logrado un contrato con una farmacéutica por 800 millones de dólares.


Perdió el millonario contrato como consecuencia de su repentina irresponsabilidad y comenzaron a vivir de los ahorros.

From the past, Dec. 16, 2010 Wife-killer Nyce freed from prison -->

Jonathan Nyce, the Hopewell Township research scientist convicted of fatally beating his wife then staging her death as a car accident in 2004, has been released from prison and says he's written a book that will prove his innocence.

After five years behind bars, the 60-year-old father of three walked out of prison on Dec. 5 and has returned to his parents' home in Collegeville, Pa., where he was reunited with his children.

From an overview of the book:

Begining in January of 2004, Dr. Jonathan Nyce, a respected medical research scientist with a worldwide reputation in new drug discovery, a former medical school professor, and the father of three young children, was accused, tried and wrongfully convicted of the murder of his wife, Michelle. This happened despite clear evidence that another man who had been stalking Michelle, a man against whom the Nyces had obtained a restraining order, had murdered her. Previously hidden police reports show that (1) the stalker was found to be in violation of the restraining order and to have Michelle's blood on him in the time frame of her death; (2) police reports cite "black hair clenched in victim's left hand" (the stalker's hair is black; Dr. Nyce's hair is blond); and (3) size 9 1/2 footprints were found leading away from Michelle's body (the stalker wears size 9 1/2; Dr. Nyce, size 12/13). While keeping these facts concealed from the jury, police and prosecutors invented a case against Dr. Nyce and obtained his conviction.


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