Sunday, October 14, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on October 14, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for October 14, 2012. 50th anniversary of Cuban Missile Crisis. Cover story on the crisis by David Martin. Warheads 60 X the strength of bomb at Hiroshima.
Martha Teichner interviews Patricia Cornwell. Stump the sleuth. Third, Lee Cowan on Sharon Osbourne, and Ozzie. Fourth, on the ukulele by Seth Doane. Fifth, Richard Schlesinger; Steve Hartman; Faith Salie. Headlines: Obama and Romney prepare for Hempstead debate. Human Rights Watch on posts by Syrian activists talking about cluster bombs. Collision of cruiser and submarine. Space shuttle Endeavor at Cal. Science Museum. Felix Baumgartner. Gary Collins died at 74. Forecast: general warmup but cooler by midweek.

David Martin looks back in the 13 days in October 1962. U-2 flight over Cuba on Oct. 14, 1962. An exhibit at the National Archives in Washington. Speech on October 22, 1962, full retaliatory response on the Soviet Union. On Oct. 23, six Navy jets in Operation Blue Moon took off for Cuba from Key West. A gotcha moment. Adlai Stevenson on October 25 presented the pictures at the United Nations. Another flight on October 25. Short range FROG missiles. Meanwhile, 120,000 troops gathering in Florida. An invasion might be met by nuclear missiles. Crisis reached its peak on Saturday, October 27, 1962. A U-2 was shot down. Where were the warheads. Michael Dobbs reviewed the photos and found the nuclear storage bunker, a few miles south of Havana. Missiles were ready to fire in 2.5 hours. Coffee took the photographs that prevented World War III. "The Boys of October." The Martin story made it appear that the missiles were removed in return for a pledge that the US would not invade Cuba. The Martin story did not mention the removal of US missiles from Turkey.

On October 14, 1926 (86 years ago), A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh published in England. Winnipeg the Bear at London Zoo. Piglet. Milne wrote only two Pooh books. 1969 Academy Award. The original bear is on display in New York public library.

Richard Schlesinger on Roosevelt Island in NYC. Four Freedoms speech. Granite and grass homage. Lewis Cahn, Nathaniel Cahn's father. "The Room" focuses on words from January 6, 1941. Freedom of speech and expression was the first freedom. The project started in 1973, pushed by Nelson Rockefeller. 1501 Walnut Street. $50 million dollars was raised.

Martha Teichner on Patricia Cornwell. High tech crime solving skills. Next book is out on Tuesday. Use imagination as a coping skill. Neighbor in NC was Billy Graham.
Her office is in Boston. I work as long as my characters talk to me. Post-Mortem was published in 1990. The CSI phenomenon. Forensic thriller. The story is about what Kay Scarpetta is going through. Stacey Gruber is partner, a genius scientist. Making a pizza. Maryland's Forensic Medical Center in Baltimore. Giant whole body CT scanner for autopsies. Maryland's center re-creates crime scenes.

Faith Salie "opinion" on the word "really". Really with Seth and Amy. Withering put-down. Adverbs are not meant to say it all. More morely. Laconic, ironic crutch. Churchill's drunken comment. Literally; actually. "kids these day" Lolly's Inc.

Barry Peterson's postcard from Beijing. Application of creams to lighten the skin.
Foods with skin lightening sbilities. Chinese language version of CosmoBride. Whitening products are a $2 billion per year business in China. Movie "Banquet," talks about China in 700 BC. In China, the anti-sun mask at beaches. Evercare Fortune Hospital does skin lightening. Interviewee's ideal, color of the eggwhite of a boiled egg.

LA County Traffic Cop Elton Simmons profiled by Steve Hartman. Captain Pat Maxwell reviewed Simmons' record and found no complaints. Pitch perfect mix of authority and diplomacy. Disarming. Melt away a polar icecap of preconceptions. There is a way to give tickets.

Sharon Osbourne of "The Talk" talks to Lee Cowan. America's Got Talent. Charm School. She turned 60 last week. First family of reality tv. Ten years ago The Osbournes on MTV. Candid and funny look at Sharon and Ozzie. Sharon diagnosed with colon cancer during the MTV show. Sharon Rachel Levy born in 1952. Father was a music manager, the Al Capone of "pop." By age 15, she had quit school and was working for her dad. When you love someone, you have to work it out. Sharon's hobby is decorating. Sharon has 14 dogs. Quiet isn't in the Osbourne repetoire.

Osgood talks about Arthur Godfrey, then introduces Seth Doane story on Jake, 35 year old ukulele virtuoso. Video on youtube in 2005, ukulele version of John Lennon while my guitar weeps. Tiny Tim clip. Marketed as instrument "anyone can play." Originally from island of Madeira. Machete made from koa wood. Kamaka Company makes from koa. Feel the vibrations in wood. Priced from $800 to 5000. Two words mean "flea jumping." Slowest rendition of "tiny bubbles." Perfect soundtrack to paradise.

Week ahead. Rob Wilson, male model, on price is right. Tues. Presidential debate. Thurs. the great shake out. Friday: Frankie Valli performance on Friday.

Osgood on targeting of 14 year old in Pakistan. Islamic clerics condemn attempted assassination of child.

Next week. turnitin. Nora Jones.

Moment of nature. No sponsor. San Juan National Forest in Colorado, home of newest national monument, Chimney Rock.


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