Sunday, September 30, 2012

Season premiere for "60 Minutes" on September 30, 2012

Sept. 30, 2012 marks the 45th season premiere of "60 Minutes." There were two stories previewed.

First preview. General John Allen interviewed by Lara Logan.

Second preview. Life with Arnold. Interview with Lesley Stahl. "I think Joesph is your kid."

The war in Afghanistan is now the longest war in US history. Lara Logan arrived in Afghnistan just after four American troops were killed by Afghani troops. The issue of sanctuary for adverse troops in Pakistan arose. The Afghan criticism is directed to policies of America. The White House says US involvement in Afghanistan will end in 27 months. Allen came to his position thinking this will be his last job. This is very personal to Allen.

Lesley goes over Arnold's book "Total Recall" and gets a ride in a Mercedes Unamag.
Arnold was born in 1947, and the house had no electricity or running water. Water from a well a quarter mile away for sponge baths. His father Gustav had joined the Nazis during WWII, but this was not discussed in the household. Gustav beat Arnold with a belt. Arnold spent 5 hours a day lifting weights. Arnold's mother called in the family doctor, because Arnold had pictures of male weight-lifters. By the age of 15, Arnold's master plan was to go to Aermica. Arnold got to Los Angeles in 1968. Arnold took steroids (in the era before growth hormones). Arnold invested in properties in Santa Monica. Documentary Pumping Iron. Agents told Arnold he could not be leading man. Arnold worked hard to be an actor. Self-control got in the way. Arnold's resolute non-introspection. Don't dwell on failures. Don't suffer for anything lost. Arnold got $250,000 for Conan the Barbarian. Got $750,000 for the Terminator. A year after Terminator he proposed to Maria. Maria told Arnold not to do Red Sonia. Arnold had an affair with actress in Red Sonia. Arnold says "I'm not perfect."

Maria and Arnold were married in 1986. Time put Arnold on cover in 1990. Arnold's political career began in 2003. Arnold promoted stem cell research. Arnold strengthened "individual mandate." Arnold had open heart surgery in 1997, but didn't tell Maria. "Some information I keep to myself." He told Maria about running for governor only a few days in advance. Arnold said he thought Maria would say "wow." Eunice Shriver intervened. Affair with Mildred leading to son Joseph. Arnold: I did not know how to tell Maria. How do I keep this under wraps Arnold: I put this away...that's the way I operate.

Lesley: She (Maria) gave up her television career for you. Lesley asked Arnold if he did "father" things with Joseph. Arnold said I don't want to get into that.

Arnold's last lines: How could you (meaning Arnold) have done that?


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