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CBS Sunday Morning for September 30, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for "Sunday Morning" on September 30, 2012. High tech times; electronic wizardry, but Susan Spencer talks about loneliness. We can't keep our eyes off our smartphones. Second, Lee Cowan on a power couple of tv writers. Third, Bill Whittaker on a preview of coming movie attractions. The magic of the movies. Fourth, Rita Braver interviews Ed Asner, once famous for "Lou Grant," but now on Broadway. Bob Schieffer. Jim Axelrod.

News. Insider attack in Afghanistan. Syrian rebels in Aleppo. Everything bigger in Texas, but 3.4 mag earthquake near Dallas. Carmeggdon 2 on I-405. Preparing for presidential debates. New entry on historic places. Hartsdale pet cemetery in NY. Weather: raining in southeast; scattered showers in northeast.

Osgood starts the preview with the word "disconnected." Spencer starts with the observation that 90% of Americans own cell phones. MIT prof Sherry Turkle did book "Alone Together." Preference for texting over talking. Texting is seen as a skill. America's fastest texter. Kids receive on average 3200 text messages per month. Picture of texter walking right into fountain; another falling off train platform. Could we function without smart phones. UMaryland Sergei Golanschinsky: 70% of test people quit experiment; could not live without smart phone. Media is my drug. "the Shallows" by Nicholas Carr. World with unlimited amounts of information. The trend is to ever more connection. Crowd out quieter moments. Clip from "What's my line." In past, television was only during isolated periods of time. Now, a technology that imposes throughout the day. UCLA Gary Small. Brain scans shown: Brain on book vs. brain on google. Small has smartphone by Carr got rid of his. It's about how to reclaim conversation. Half of cell phone users use cell phone while watching television. [Although this story is not a recycle, note Susan Spencer's piece "no man is an island" on May 20, 2012. See
CBS Sunday Morning on May 20, 2012
. Thus, not a recycled story, but a recycled theme.]

Almanac. Sept. 30, 1924. Birthday of Truman Capote in New Orleans. "Other Voices, other rooms." Breakfast at Tiffany's. Herbert W. Clutter. 2005 film: Capote. Book: In Cold Blood. Charles Kuralt covered Capote's masked ball. By 1977, a recognizable cliche. Annie Hall. Drunken appearance on a talk show. Truman died in 1984.

The first presidential debate on Wednesday in Denver. Bob Schieffer looks forward and back, starting with Ronald Reagan quip on Jimmy Carter. "Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine." Jim Lehrer is the dean of debate moderators. Schieffer: who do we feel most comfortable with. Presidential temperament. Clip from Kennedy/Nixon debates, Sept. 26, 1960. On radio, Nixon won, but on tv Kennedy won. Nixon perspired. Franklin Roosevelt in 1940 declined to debate Wilkie. Lyndon Johnson didn't debate. Gerald Ford debated Carter in 1976, after Nixon pardon. There is no Soviet domination of eastern Europe. Reagan: are you better off than you were four years ago? Kathleen O. Jamieson on debates; we practice what we preach. Brett O'Donnell; Liberty University. Capture the imagination of the audience and press. Have a clever line. Things that matter the most to the voters. Let voters understand what the differences are.

Jim Axelrod on auction items. Bobby Livingston. Amherst, New Hampshire. Items from Al Capone and other criminals. 130 pieces of gangster memoribilia go on the auction block on 30 Sept. 2012. Musical loveletter of Capone to wife Maria. Items from Bonnie and Clyde in 1934. Pistol in Clyde's waistband when he died. Real value is the gap it exposes between fantasy and reality. History becomes a commodity. Sometimes bad guys are worth more than the good.

Lee Cowan with a pair of comedy writers. A blackhawk going for two avocados . Max. David Cohan. One for the price of two. Boston Commons. Twins. Good Morning Miami. A sitcom called Partners. A gay guy and a straight guy who are best friends. A lot of my best friends are straight. Janet Eisenberg from Hollywood High School. Max the drama student. David is married to Blair. It's just about having fun.

[Commercial for Tori Amos.]

Bill Whitaker on movies. Kenneth Turan (who looks a bit like Leonard Maltin) Daniel Day Lewis playing Lincoln. "Hyde Park on Hudson." on Franklin Roosevelt. Craig in Sky Fall. Liam Neeson in Taken Two. Tom Cruise. Denzel Washington as an airline pilot. "On the Road." "Life of Pi." Last of Twilight saga. Wreck It Ralph. Frankenweenie. "This is Forty." Seven Psychopaths. Silver Linings. Les Miserables. The Impossible. Zero Dark Thirty. Argo. Jango Unchained.

CDs down to 61% from 66% last year. Adele with 21 was biggest hit.

Andy Williams had 42 hits. Moon River was never released as a single. First sang it in 1962. Wall Lake, Iowa: Williams with his brothers. Radio Station in Des Moines; Barn dance classic. Steve Allen Tonight Show 1954. Person to person in 1960 with Collingwood. Williams variety show in 1962. The Beach Boys and Elton John. The Osmond Brothers. Williams sang at Bobby Kennedy's funeral in 1968. Claudine Longet; marriage ended in 1975. Spider Sabich. Branson: Moon River Theater. May each day of the year be a good day.

Ed Asner playing Lou Grant. Rita Braver does Sunday Profile on Ed Asner. Santa Claus in Elf. Voice in Up. At age 82 on Broadway in Grace. Exercise in theology. Paul Rudd as a born again Christian. Asner as Karl, a German immigrant who works as an exterminator. Ed Asner grew up in Kansas City. Played high school football. High school teacher told him not to go into journalism. University of Chicago. Dropped out. Job as an auto plant worker in Kansas City. In 1970, Mary Tyler Moore show. You know what; you've got spunk. I hate spunk. Show ran for 8 years. Lou Grant Show. Asner is into politics. President as Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Architects and Engineers. Odd stance on 9/11: government involvement. On Eastwood at convention: kind of cute, but age betrayed. Asner: I love acting.

Tracy Smith on Elizabeth Banks. Seabiscuit. Thirty Rock. Taking smaller parts and stealing the show. Industry puts her in character roles. Hunger Games. Patient and persistence. Born at Elizabeth Mitchell, Pittsfield, MA. White Horse Inn, chambermaid. To avoid confusion with another actress, changed name to Banks. In 2003, she married Max Handelman. Competitive a capella singing. Welcome to my pregnancy. Struggled with infertility. Son Felix. Definitely, Maybe. Her big moment has yet to happen. I want to be Jessica Tandy.

(New feature on Sunday Morning) Week ahead. Tomorrow: Supreme Court. Tuesday: Macarthur Foundation grants announced.Thursday: Seinfeld.
Estelle Popkin retires after 33 years on Sunday Morning.

Next Week on Sunday Morning: Pete Townsend

Moment of nature. No sponsor. Cypresses on Caddo Lake, near Texas / Louisiana border.

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