Sunday, June 27, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning on June 27, 2010: February 14 revisited?

The cover story on "CBS Sunday Morning on June 27 was on "what attracts people," with chemistry mentioned in Osgood's setup. "The Right Chemistry," the cover story, sadly was re-cycled from an earlier show, which, not surprisingly, was broadcast on February 14. Can you sent ventral tegmental and dopamine?

One of the few "new" items on the June 27, 2010 episode was the news re-cap. June 27 is day 69 of the Gulf Coast oil spill. Riots in Toronto over the G20 meeting [Also: Police arrest more than 400 at Toronto summit ]. Hearings on Elena Kagan begin on June 28.

The story on love stories at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was re-cycled, also from February 14. [Cross-reference: Hidden Power by Kati Marton including discussion of Edith Wilson.]

There was a story on a seduction school in Paris. Veronique charges $7500 for 9 months of instruction.

The story on the Bergmans was re-cycled from March 7, 2010.

Rita Braver repeated a story ("Just Married") on wedding announcements in the New York Times. 250-350 a week apply for inclusion. "You sound like a college admissions officer." Wedding announcements at the NYT started at the beginning in 1851. Timothy Noah of Slate was quoted and mentioned "general ickiness." The story on Azoulay "vows" was covered by CBS Sunday Morning in 2001.

Mo did "Mo's Night Out," which included an allusion to "American Gigolo". The head of the Papan Agency was interviewed. What makes a good escort: lose your ego. There was an allusion to "walkers." The drink of escorts: two shots of vodka straight up. Sandra Costa is the escorted one. [One of her sons was named Drano?]

The story on Susan Boyle was also re-cycled.

Bill Geist talked about adopting a dog.

For reference, the transcript of the February 14 broadcast of "CBS Sunday Morning" is available.

The final scene was from Skylands in New Jersey at the botanical park. Note that Osgood did NOT say "New Jersey" but did say Garden State.

***On more popular things on tv, note Deadliest Catch

***On talking heads, Sunday Talking Heads: June 27, 2010

***In passing, note the pictures of Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger at the World Cup, complete with captions including:

The two men tried to settle the dispute by debating which of them better represented the spirit of their generation, but the argument ended in a stalemate. So they switched to arm-wrestling, and by the end, they were inseparable.


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