Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cyberlockers: Hollywood's next boogeyman?

A Reuters story notes: "Cyberlockers now represent the preferred method by which consumers are enjoying pirated content," Paramount Pictures chief operating officer Fred Huntsberry said June 21, 2010.

Of some humor--> "Sometimes these sites look better than the legitimate sites. That's the irony."

And, the comments to this story are funnier than the post itself.

**In passing, potential problems with cyberlockers have been known for some time.
From Why are cyberlockers suddenly such a problem, Lord Mandelson?

The particular objection that Mandelson seems to have to "cyberlockers" (can't we just say "cloud storage"?) is that someone can share a private URL with someone else, and nobody on the outside is any the wiser that the file exchange has taken place. (...)
Search engines aren't allowed into those "cyberlockers" to index their content; it's as private as robots.txt can make it.


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