Friday, October 02, 2009

Judge Michel on patent reform, again

Peter Zura at the 271Blog has a post on Judge Michel on patent reform.

On Kappos as USPTO Director, IPBiz notes that David Kappos has experience with "nuts and bolts" issues of patents at IBM.
This background is clearly different from that of Jon Dudas, who is not a registered patent attorney, but who had legislative experience with various (earlier than 2005) patent reform legislation. [As a disclaimer, Jon was a classmate of LBE at UofC Law.]
An issue with Kappos is the possible dominance of an IBM-type of world view of patents, which is a distinct view from that of the small inventor, or small company.

Of -- Michel estimates that 14 Silicon Valley companies, which mainly produce computer and telecommunications equipment, are influencing the debate the most, -- we don't want to leave Microsoft out of the picture AND we don't want to forget Donald Chisum's rather prescient analysis of patent reform, written back in 2005.

Of --In reviewing most of the congressional testimony from the past five years, Michel said he found it lacking. --, one might look to "who" is contributing money to the folks who are running the hearings and selecting those who testify. Who is kidding whom here?

Of Professor Chisum, Donald S. Chisum, Reforming Patent Law Reform, 4 J. Marshall Rev. Intell. Prop. L. 336 (2005)


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