Friday, October 02, 2009

Students for self-plagiarism?

An article by Anthony Siino in the Orion (of Chico State University) describes a discussion between students (saying self-plagiarism is all right) and faculty (saying it isn't):

Toward the end, a heated discussion on the boundaries of self-plagiarism began as students, who were defending the re-use of essays, became angry when staff and faculty dismissed their arguments.

One goes back to the Wendler matter at SIU, wherein the university found "no problem" with self-plagiarism.

In the world of patent law, one has the concept of obviousness-type double-patenting, and the remedy of the terminal disclaimer.

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Self-plagiarizing law prof snagged

[The article noted: The panel consisted of Professor and Dean of Undergraduate Education, William Loker, Professor of Political Science and International Relations Coordinator, James Jacob, Coordinator for Student Judicial Affairs, Linda Gatton and sixth-year senior Rajbir Judge.]


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