Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sarcasm or stupidity?

In a post on Kappos, ManagingIP repeats text from a COMMENT on the 271Blog, which separately had appeared on IPBiz:

I've been managed by Dave Kappos during 6 years : he is brilliant, even absolutely amazing, always kind with his team, open to discussions, and a great manager. USA are lucky to have D. Kappos.

A non-US citizen.

Either this is brilliant, sarcasm-within-sarcasm by ManagingIP, or ManagingIP missed the point that the "non-US citizen" post is actually directed to all the outsourcing done at IBM. IBM even had at least two outsourcing patent applications, submitted under Kappos' tenure, which produced problematic media exposure for IBM, BOTH as to the outsourcing dimension AND as to the business method dimension.

Kappos, Lemley, Merritt, and the 271Blog


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