Friday, July 03, 2009

Old Navy and the $1 US flag tee shirts

A number of websites were talking about Old Navy selling US flag tee shirts on
July 3, 2009 for $1.00.

Dropped by the store in Watchung, New Jersey and was told that this sale was only going on in Canada (which does celebrate "Canada Day" on July 1, presumably without US flags and likely not interested in flag tees 2 days after Canada Day).

The "Canada" explanation does not pass the "straight face" test of Professor Dennis Hutchinson, but looking on the "money saving mom" website, one finds that this "Canada" explanation was used elsewhere:

I called the Evansville, IN Old Navy store, not happening there either. The manager thought the sale was only happening in Canada. (which is kinda strange why American flag shirts would sell in Canada?? I guess that's a entirely different subject, lol)

At coupongeek:

New reports say that this sale has been cancelled due to lack of inventory and will only take place at ON stores in Canada. You'll want to call your location to verify.

Is Old Navy trying to make July 3 into April Fools' Day?


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