Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Law & Order does Eliot Spitzer story on May 21; different ending tho

In its season finale on May 21, Law & Order did its take on the Eliot Spitzer story.

In the world of Law & Order, the governor (and his wife) execute a series of clever manipulations, and the governor survives (so far). The governor (in the Law & Order version) was seeing a high priced call girl (from Brazil, not New Jersey) and, in that capacity, was witness to some pertinent information, relevant to a murder investigation of McCoy and cohorts. McCoy was going to call the governor as a witness, but the murder defendant suddenly pleaded guilty, eliminating the need to call the governor. The implication was that the governor would later pardon the incarcerated defendant. A sub-plot involved the feds also going after the governor, which plan ended when the gov leased some land (in White Plains) to the feds for $1 a year.

The Law & Order version seems more Hobbsian than the real world version.

CNN discussed the episode in a story titled: Ripped from the headlines: Eliot Spitzer?
which included the text:

Wednesday's episode is racier, as a murder investigation leads police to a prostitution ring whose clients include New York Gov. Shalvoy (Tom Everett Scott). That creates a quandary for District Attorney Jack McCoy (Waterston), whose political fortunes may be tied to Shalvoy's.


Waterston says the "Law & Order" episode diverges sharply from what happened with Spitzer.

"It goes in all different directions," he said. "`Law & Order' raises questions about what's fair, what's right, what's justice, that aren't necessarily raised by the original story or ... can't be gone into in just a news story."

Different directions, yes, and different outcome. In this episode of Law & Order, New York City has been transformed into Gotham City, and we might be expecting Batman to be added to the cast next season.


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Will Law & Order TV Show be back..........?

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