Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another lithium battery patent

US 6,932,922 (Lithium cobalt oxides and methods of making same) cites work by John B. Goodenough only once:

A.K. Padhi, W.B. Archibald, K.S. Nanjundaswamy and J.B. Goodenough; Ambient and High-Pressure Structures of LiMnVO4 and Its Mn3+/Mn2+ Redox Energy; Journal of Solid State Chemistry 128, Article No. SC967217, pp. 267-272 (1997).

The patent notes: LiCoO2 is currently being used in over 95% of commercial lithium and lithium-ion secondary batteries as the active positive electrode material. The current production rate of lithium and lithium-ion batteries is about 30 million units per month with each unit containing about 10-15 g of LiCoO2 (i.e., 300-450 metric tons/month).


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