Monday, January 02, 2023

Gatling guns used by bad guys in TV Westerns

On November 12, 1962, the episode of "The Rifleman" titled "The Assailents" featured a plot in which certain "assailents" planned to munder a U.S. Senator (played by Edward Platt, later "the chief" in "Get Smart"). The weapon was a Gatling gun mounted in the second floor of North Fork's big hotel. Yes, Lucas McCain did "take on" the Gatling gun. Surviving the attack, Platt gives an interesting speech at the end backing statehood for New Mexico.

On March 7, 1971, the episode of Bonanza titled "Terror at 2:00" also involves the attempted attack on Europeans and African Americans planning to sign a peace treaty. The weapon was a Gatling gun on the second floor of a hotel in Virginia City, manned by supposed newspaper men from St. Louis. The key "speech" here was a racist rant by one of the villains (played by Steve Inhat ).


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