Sunday, July 02, 2017

CBS Sunday Morning on 2 July 2017: notable for what was not said

Lee Cowan, not Jane Pauley, hosted CBS Sunday Morning on July 2, 2017. The cover story was by Manuel Bojorquez on a married couple who track tornadoes. There was an interview by Jane Pauley with John Mellancamp and a piece by Conor Nighton on architecture at the Grand Canyon.

News items included Trump tweets, Little Rock, Arkansas, and marijuana in Nevada.

The Almanac feature, going back to July 2, 1864 (one year after Day 2 of Gettysburg) was of interest for what was NOT mentioned. The 1864 date was that of the authorization of the National Statuary Hall in what had been the place of the House of Representatives. Each state was authorized to submit statues of two important people from the state. Exemplars on the CBS show included Garfield and Edison from Ohio. Another inventor mentioned was Robert Fulton. Not mentioned was Florida's included inventor John Gorrie, and Florida's other person, Confederate General Edmund Kirby-Smith (of the Trans-Mississippi Department). Relevant to certain public debate about statues of prominent Confederates, one notes that Mississippi presented Jefferson Davis and Virginia did Robert E. Lee. South Carolina did John Calhoun and General Wade Hampton. One wonders the fate of these Southerners/Confederates in the National Statuary Hall if protests are made?

The moment of nature was the Grand Canyon.


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