Saturday, June 17, 2017

UWashington CoMotion innovation hub cutting 15% of staff

From a post at geekwire on the UWashington CoMotion innovation hub cutting 15% of staff:

A set of well-regarded licensed UW technologies (the Hall patents) generated immense societal and economic value and funded the Washington Research Foundation which has been a great asset to our state. As a symptom of an outmoded tech transfer business model, CoMotion expectedly hit a revenue cliff from the expiration of the Hall patents. These “black swan” events need environments to come to fruition while having a realistic business model for sustainability. The layoff decisions were not determined by performance and were necessitated by budget cuts at CoMotion.

If, as is obviously true, the expiration of the Hall patents was expected, the is obviously not a black swan event. Wikipedia notes of "black swan": The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight.

Link to geekwire post:

Note also:

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