Tuesday, September 06, 2016

CBS Sunday Morning does IP on 4 Sept 2016, sort of

Elements of Sunday Morning on September 4, 2016 (hosted by Jane Pauley) touched on patents, trademark, and copyright.

As to patents/inventions, within a story on Jerry Lewis, there was discussion of how Lewis invented video assist.

And in 1960, he made another, lesser-known contribution to filmmaking: Video assist, that is, instant video replay of a movie scene after a take. Today it’s something directors can’t live without. “There should be a sign saying, ‘Jerry Lewis invented this!’” Spielberg once said.

However, this claim had been challenged at least in 2009. From a 2009 post on CNET by Peter Glaskowsky, titled
Video assist predates Jerry Lewis 'patent'. Jerry Lewis claims to have invented video-assist technology, but recently rediscovered patents and other documents show who really developed this essential element of modern motion picture production. :

It turns out that video assist goes back to well before 1956, when Lewis claims to have invented it--as he did in a 2008 interview with Peter Bogdanovich.

Thanks to a commenter on my original post, plus some long discussions with Jim Songer, an engineer who made substantial contributions to video assist in the 1960s, I have tracked down what may be the earliest patents on video-assist technology.


All of this information seems to put an end to Lewis' claims. He was undoubtedly a pioneer in the application of video assist, but others made more significant contributions to the development of this important technology.

Glaskowsky points out that there is no patent to Jerry Lewis on video assist, but there are patents to others on elements of video assist.

See also: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.folklore.urban/VD2ia4-dGBU

**Copyrights and trademarks appeared in a story on flags, specifically as to the flag of the city of Pocatello.

See the story Some not-so-grand old flags showing the city flag of Pocatello with the copyright C and TM designations.

Note also a piece published on Apr 19, 2016

An interview with CBS Sunday Morning correspondent who came to Pocatello while working on a piece about city flags. Pocatello's now famously bad city flag is currently in the beginning stages of being redesigned.

**Faith Salie did a piece on Star Trek. Not part of the story is the middle name of Captain Kirk: Tiberius.
The television series The Lieutenant, first created by Gene Roddenberry, has as its protagonist, William Tiberius Rice.
Gary Lockwood played Rice, AND played Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell in the second pilot for Star Trek. Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, and Majel Barrett all played in The Lieutenant. A bad experience with one episode of The Lieutenant --"To Set It Right" -- influenced Roddenberry as to Star Trek.

**The moment of nature on Sunday Morning did the otters of Trout Lake, in Yellowstone National Park.


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