Monday, April 18, 2016

Motley Fool notes Phase 3 data for ocrelizumab being presented 17-21 April 2016 at AAN meeting

From the Fool:

Although a bit more expensive than AbbVie on a PEG ratio basis, Roche's rock solid product line is on more stable ground. That said, I feel it's about to launch upwards when and if Ocrevus, formerly ocrelizumab, reshapes the multiple sclerosis space. Another first-in-class candidate, Roche will be presenting phase 3 Ocrevus data at the American Academy of Neurology April 17 through 21, that Biogen investors will want to watch.

It's early, but it seems Ocrevus may have Biogen's blockbuster multiple sclerosis treatment Tecfidera beat in terms of both safety and efficacy. If approved, sales could move the needle significantly for the Swiss pharma giant.


The word ocrelizumab is the generic name for the monoclonal antibody. Wikipedia noted: In February 17th, 2016, the Food and Drug Administration granted Breakthrough Therapy Designation for the investigational medicine ocrelizumab for the treatment of people with primary progressive multiple sclerosis

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