Sunday, April 17, 2016

CBS Sunday Morning on April 17, 2016

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for April 17, 2016. The cover story is by Barry Petersen on the country of Bhutan, where love and compassion are values and the goal is "gross national happiness." Second, Tracy Smith on Bonnie Raitt. Third, Lee Cowan on Kathy Bates. Fourth Anna Werner on Quidditch. Conor Knighton on Key Biscayne Park.

Headlines. 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Ecuador. Japanese earthquakes. The Pope visits Lesbos, Greece.

Of the Bhutan story, the top tourist attraction is Tigers Nest. The goal of Bhutan is obtaining a balance of economic and emotional well-being. The male dress of Bhutan is the gho. Picture of golden langer monkeys.

Almanac. April 17, 1937. Daffy Duck appears for the first time in "Porky's Duck Hunt."


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