Friday, March 11, 2016

Resolving plagiarism: time to get a gun?

An odd story related to an accusation of plagiarism has been covered in Inside Higher Ed,

The twist isn't the accusation itself, but rather what happened to the accuser when he included a post related to the
song "Time to Get a Gun." [link for song: ]

Crispin Sartwell, an associate professor of philosophy at Dickinson College, was placed on temporary leave Friday after accusing others of plagiarism on his personal blog, and, he says, because he included in one of those posts a video of Miranda Lambert’s song “Time to Get a Gun.”

A post in the Dickinsonian summarized the events:

Prior to Sartwell’s leave, college officials had received a call from the University of Oklahoma expressing concern that Sartwell had threatened philosophy professor Linda Zagzebski over an alleged case of plagiarism. The perception of threat stemmed from a video of Miranda Lambert singing the song “Time to Get a Gun” that Sartwell embedded at the end of a post where he accused Zagzebski of plagiarizing his work. - See more at:


Within the various denials was a comment about multiple people (independently) coming up with the same idea at roughly the same time.
Reminds one of Mark Lemley and the Myth of the Sole Inventor.

Of some of that discussion, see

**In one commentary, the name "Ward Churchill" appeared. One recalls his association with plagiarism

Controversial Ward Churchill fired over plagiarism accusations

**Meanwhile, at blawgsearch on 11 March 2016:


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