Friday, March 11, 2016

Adverse patent result in Europe for Biogen's MS drug Tecfidera

Biogen's EP '537 patent related to the MS drug Tecfidera and related to US '514 has been revoked in Europe.

Bizjournals writes:

A similar patent called "514" is being challenged (along with others related to Tecifera’s main ingredient, called dimethyl fumarate) in the U.S. by the Danish biotech Forward Pharma (Nasdaq: FWD). The U.S. challenge is proceeding at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


**Kyle Bass had tried to challenge Biogen's '393 patent:

The ‘393 patent, entitled “Utilization of Dialkylfumarates” and filed on March 4, 2011 is a continuation of application no. 12/405,665 (now US 7,915,310) filed on March 17, 2009, which is a continuation of application no. 11/765,578 (now US 7,619,001) filed on June 20, 2007, which is a continuation of application no. 10/197,077 (now US 7,320,999) filed on July 17, 2002 which is a division of application no. 09/831,620 (now US 6,509,376) filed on May 10, 2001 which is the National Stage Entry of PCT/EP99/08215 filed on October 29, 1999 and published in German on June 2, 2000, which claims priority to German application no. 19853487 filed on November 19, 1998. (Ex. 1005). The ‘393 patent was originally assigned to Fumapharm AG. Fumapharm AG was acquired by Biogen IDEC International AG in 2006 and the ‘393 patent was assigned to Biogen IDEC International AG on May 15, 2007. (Ex. 1006). Biogen IDEC International AG changed its name to Biogen IDEC International GMBH on May 15, 2007. (Ex. 1006).


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