Sunday, January 17, 2016

CBS Sunday Morning on January 17, 2016

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for January 17, 2016. Barry Petersen does the cover story on genetically modified food. Second, Lee Cowan on Stan Lee of Marvel Comics. Third, Martha Teichner on cake decoraters. Jane Pauley on Leslie Caron. Bill Geist on Jennifer Lawrence and miracle mop portrayed in movie Joy. Alan Pizzi in Italy. Steve Hartman.

Headlines. Five Americans released in Iran. Deaths in Burkina Fasso. Federal aid for water supply in Flint, Michigan. Weather: arctic air coming.
Prisoner swap covered by Charlie Daggeda and Elizabeth Palmer. Initially, clip from John Kerry. Iran can now sell oil on open market. A golden page in Iran's history. Snap back mechanism. Landstuhl Hospital in Germany.

Almanac. January 17, 1880, the birthday of Mack Sennett of silent films. Founder of Keystone Kops. Charlie Chaplin. Fatty Arbuckle. Broke by 1930s. In 1938, awarded a special Oscar. Died in 1960. The original main building of Keystone Studios, the first totally enclosed film stage and studio ever constructed, is still there and is now CBS Studio Center. Of IP interest, Sennett gave up the Keystone trademark in 1917, which was retained by his former bosses, who did not maintain the quality. Sennett's main competitor was Hal Roach. Arguably, his comedic depictions of the 1920s tall, British-style hats for policemen led to their demise, a change in the way we live, and thus an innovation.

Osgood. 80% of foods contain at least one GMO. Papaya farm in Hawaii. Most papayas on Big Island are GMOs. 60 million pounds of papaya. Then ring spot disease. Dennis Gonsalves. Virus resistant papaya. DNA "vaccine". Daylon Perry's farm. Today, 10 different GMO crops. Soda, cereal, chips, cheese, salmon. Future: peanuts, cassava, bananas. BUT, Pesticide Action Network. Opposition to Monsanto. Issue have to buy Monsanto herbicide. Agreement to use seeds only for one cycle. Seeds patented by Monsanto. Hugh Grant is CEO of Monsanto. Chipotle, Hersey, Whole Foods will require labeling of GMOs. Adverse health effects? 57% of Americans think GMOs are unsafe to eat. Science organizations say safe. Modern sweet corn is example of human intervention. Vitamin enriched golden rice (vitamin A).

Allan Pizzi. St. Benedict in Norcia. An American monk, Father Cassian Folsom, is featured in the story. Monks pray eight times a day. Basil Nixon. Chanting Monks album hits billboard chart. The monks’ CD, is called Benedicta. CBS quotes from The Monks of Norcia. We didn't come here to be successful; we came here to seek God. ReligionNews quoted Father Cassian: “We sing the praises of God nine times a day. So if you add all that up, it’s probably five hours every day, rain or shine, 365 days a year, CBS Sunday Morning did not mention other aspects of Norcia. From Wikipedia: The Monks of Norcia made headlines by supplying Birra Nursia to all the cardinals of the papal conclave that elected Pope Francis.

Fr. Benedict Nivakoff, O.S.B. explained:

"Birra Nursia even participated in the election of Pope Francis. Several cases of beer were given to the cardinals before the start of the conclave. The fact that the Pope chose “Francis” as a name, and our master brewer is our own Br. Francis Davoren (from Texas!) does not seem to us a coincidence! Perhaps those initial smiles from the Loggia of St. Peter’s were the fruit not just of the Holy Spirit, but of our very own motto, Ut Laetificet Cor!"

Stan Lee wanted to be Errol Flynn. Stan Lee is now 93 years. Spider Man, Iron Man. The god of the Marvel universe. Jack Kirby. Stanley Martin Lieber. Timely Comics. Destroyer, Jack Frost. After Pearl Harbor, joined Army. A poster: VD, not me. Timely Comics became Marvel Comics. Fantastic Four. Most famous character: Spider Man. Stan, that is the worst idea I have ever heard. Marvel owns the characters. Stan largely cut out of the profits. It was my job to create them. No point in saying I should have done that. Sued Marvel in 2002; he settled. Got title: chairman emeritus. POW Entertainment. I am doing what I want to do, so why would I want to retire. I was born to be Errol Flynn, but I never quite made it.

Martha Teichner on cake walk. Australian Cake Decorating Network on a cake crawl. Everybody wants bling on their cakes. Ron Ben-Israel of Food Network. My Cupcake Addiction.

Steve Hartman on Officer Ryan Davis. Fisher Foods in Canton, Ohio. Police dog Jethro. Unconditionally loyal, supporting.

Jane Pauley on Leslie Caron. Daddy Longlegs. Gigi. CBS Person to Person. Peter Hall, husband. British changed roles for older women: Maggie Smith, Judi Dench

Joy Mangano is the inventor of Miracle Mop. Another invention is Huggable Hangers .
The abstract for US patent 5,813,567:

A mop stabilizing structure for use in a mop bucket includes a notched shelf which is vertically positioned inside a mop bucket above the base and below the lip of the bucket. Preferably, the shelf is manufactured as an integral part of the mop bucket and has a tapered notch for accommodating a variety of mop types and sizes. In addition, according to the invention, the lower interior of the bucket is preferably provided with an anti-skidding surface which is also preferably integrally formed with the bucket. The invention may be applied in buckets having different sizes and shapes, is inexpensive to manufacture, and is simple to use.

with first claim:

1. A mop bucket, comprising:

a) an upper lip;

b) a lower base having an anti-skid structure on an inner surface of said base for engaging a mop head, said anti-skid structure comprising a plurality of raised protrusions;

c) at least one side wall between said upper lip and said lower base and defining a container; and

d) a mop handle support member extending inward from said at least one side wall and having a notched end for engaging a mop handle, said support member being located above said base and below said lip.

Death of David Bowie. Bill Flanagan. Bowie did not value authenticity. Changing. Jan. 8, 2013: where are we now? Lazarus.

Next week on Sunday Morning: Charlotte Rampling.

Moment of nature. macaws in rain forest in Peru. Blue and gold and scarlets. [Scarlet and Blue-and-Yellow Macaws Ara macao and A. ararauna ]
CBS did not identify the specific location, but it could have been the Tambopata Research Center in southern Peru at which point hundreds of macaws (and other parrots) congregate around a 50 meter high clay bank.


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