Sunday, March 01, 2015

60 Minutes on Match 1, 2015

Sharon Alfonsee on the storm after the storm,on problems with insurance claims after hurricane Sandy. George Hernemsr was a structural engineer, US Forensic provided another report. Steve Moston a Houston lawyer took Bob Cable's case. Insurance companies don't pay for structural damage. Andrew Bron another engineer spoke of changed reports. Altered reports. Hi-Rise Engineering. Approximately 96% of the engineering reports were altered.
Insurance companies argue that they changed for peer review. HiRise Engineering is now being investigated.
These engineering companies are overseen by FEMA. FEMA learned in late 2013 of problems (signals). FEMA people have flown to Texas to talk to lawyer representing homeowners. NY and NJ senators have called for oversight hearings.

Anderson Cooper on Lumber a Liquidators. Denny Larsen. Global community monitor. Issue with formaldehyde. Philip Landregan. Formaldehyde is used in glued to bind wood particles. Tom Sulivan of LL was interviewed. Group of lawyers and short sellers underwrote tests. Whitney Tillson. Profit margins. $13 to $119 per share. Reduces costs by 10%. The Chinese mills are licensed by California. ChangZu in China. At the end of story, question of oversight of the Chinese mills.
Relevant to IP: the involvement of short-sellers.

"Fish in the dark". Larry David. Interviewed by Charlie Rose. Rose asks who are you?
No capacity to say no. You don't have the courage to be a jerk. Character Norman Drexall.
David was closest in structure to character George Costanza. Rose and David visit
David's old apt. Shellbank Jr a High. Didn't go; didn't know. Went to U Maryland.
Jerks make for great comedy. Like to watch tv.


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