Thursday, February 12, 2015

University of Chicago sues 10X Genomics for patent infringement

GenomeWeb reports RainDance Technologies and the University of Chicago are suing 10X Genomics for patent infringement.
In the lawsuit filed 12 Feb 2015 in the US District Court for the District of Delaware, the plaintiffs accuse 10X of infringing US Patent No. 8,273,573; No. 8,304,193; No. 8,329,407; No. 8,822,148; No. 8,889,083; and No. 7,129,091. The patents were licensed exclusively to RainDance by the University of Chicago. 
According to each patent's abstract, the inventions provide "microfabricated substrates and methods of conducting reactions within these substrates. The reactions occur in plugs transported in the flow of a carrier-fluid." 

The inventors for US 8,273,573 are  listed as 
Inventors:Ismagilov; Rustem F (Chicago, IL), Tice; Joshua David (Webster, NY), Gerdts; Cory John (Chicago, IL), Zheng; Bo (Chicago, IL)


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