Friday, February 13, 2015

MIT sues Apple over US 6,057,221

The first two claims of 6,057,221 to MIT and UMaryland:


1. A method for cutting a link between interconnected circuits comprising the following steps:

directing a laser upon an electrically-conductive cut-link pad conductively bonded between a first electrically-conductive line and a second electrically-conductive line on a substrate, the cut-link pad having substantially less thermal resistance per unit length than each of the first and second lines, wherein the width of the cut-link pad is at least ten percent greater than the width of each of the first and second electrically-conductive lines; and

maintaining the laser upon the cut-link pad until the laser infuses sufficient energy into the cut-link pad to break the conductive link across the cut-link pad between the pair of electrically-conductive lines.

2. The method of claim 1, wherein the electrically-conductive cut-link pad lies in the same plane as the first and second electrically-conductive lines. 



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