Sunday, November 02, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning on November 2, 2014

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for November 2, starting with a discussion of the World Series. Mark Strassman does the cover story, on playing by ear. The beep baseball world series.
Second, Serena Alschul on Bradley Cooper. The Elephant Man. Third, David Matin does "For Colin," on Colin Wolf, who was killed in Iraq. Fourth, Lee Cowan interviews Lisa Kudrow. Fifth, Mo Rocca on Providence mayor, Buddy Cianci. Steve Hartman, Martha Teichner.

Headlines: Murdered people in Ramadi. Nigerian school girl matter. Richard Branson in California, Virgin Air. Lave on "Big Island." Two inches of snow in Greenville, SC. Weather: cold and windy in northeast.

First up: beep baseball from Mark Strassman. Brandon Chesser. Retinitis pigmentosa. In 2006, he met his wife. Austin Blackhawks: baseball for the blind. Charles Fairbanks created the ball around 40 years ago. There is a synergy between the batter and the pitcher. World Series in Rochester, Minnesota. Final game: RHI Extreme vs. Austin Blackhawks.
From August 2014: Brandon Chesser of the Austin Blackhawks emerges from the bottom of a pile of team mates after making the final out to win the Beep Baseball World Series against the RHI Xtreme Saturday afternoon August 9, 2014 at Fuad Mansour Field in Rochester, Minn.

Almanac. Nov. 2, 1898. First football cheerleader. John E. Campbell. Presidents who were cheerleaders. Franklin Roosevelt. George W. Bush. Merly Streep. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Rhonda Webb Holloway. Holly Hunter in movie. Will Farrell and Cheri Oteri on SNL.
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Osgood noted the shift to standard time on Nov. 2, 2014.

Martha Teichen on wearing black. New York Metropolitan Museum. "The Color of Mourning."
Mourning attire 1815 to 1915. Jessica Reagan is curator of Met exhibit. Dull black crape.
The matter of half-mourning. Dressing for mourning goes back to middle ages. Queen Victoria.
Fashion magazines. Gone with the Wind. World War I changed the rules. Massive mourning too much to contemplate. Mary Davis. Coco Chanel. Little black dress. Audrey Hepburn. Be neat and pressed and dignified. White is color of mourning in India, China, and Japan.

Lee Cowan on Lisa Kudrow. Final episode of Friends in 2004: fourth most watched final in history. HBO is giving Comeback a comeback. Critique of reality tv. Video chart with Richard Pratt. "Web Therapy." Dr. Fiona Wallace. TLC: who do you think you are? Lisa grew up in Tarzana, CA. Portola Middle School. Lee Cowan asks about Lisa's lunch experience. Lisa studies evolutionary biology at Vasser. Co-authored research paper with her father. Lisa joined the Groundlings. Walk on role on "Mad About You." Lisa said she would have been just as happy in research. Lisa Kudrow has evolved quite nicely herself. Best places to live. Liberals. Somerville, Hoboken, Berkeley. Conservatives: Clinton, Utah; Crestiview, FL; Alabaster, CAl. Centrist: Indiao, CA; Bend, OR;
Spokane Valley, WA.

David Martin does "For Colin." Amy Wolfe in Manassas, Va. Ballet Corps. Colin Joseph Wolfe.

Osgood quotes Joni Mitchell. Ben Pierce: before I go blind "bucket list."

"Silver Linings Playbook." Serena Alschul interviews Bradley Cooper. Father Charles Cooper would show Bradley classic films. Apocaplypse Now, Taxi Driver. 1980 film: The Elephant Movie. Joseph Merrick. The Royal London Hospital. Williamstown Theater Festival. Jenkinstown, PA. American Hustle. Platoon; Stand by me. Patricia Clarkson.

Buddy Cianci with Mo Rocca. Running for Mayor of Providence, RI. He's been elected six times before. Left office in 2002. Got rid of toupee. Squirrel on his head. In 1975, ran; 1984 problem with assault. Mike Stanton wrote the book on Cianci. From 1991 to 2002: ended with racketeering conviction. Racketeering conspiracy; pay to play. Released from prison in 2007. Raising the self-esteem of people of Providence. Money Magazine named Providence one of the best places to live. "Rogue's Island." James Michael Curley. Marion Berry. If they find anything wrong with me, they will send Seal Team Six in. His opponent is Elorza.

Week ahead. Monday: national Sandwich Day; Tuesday: Brookhaven on wood stoves; Wednesday: Forbes on most powerful people; Thursday: salute to the troops at the White House; Friday: 8000 balloons on Berlin wall; Saturday: honorary Oscars.

Pulse. Does your vote make a difference? 68% say yes.

Nancy Giles. Dismal performance of 113th Congress. Tip O'Neill: all politics is local.
Every election counts.

Moment of Nature, sponsored by Viking. Rock formations of Devil's Playground in Utah.
Where is it? From the northern I- 15/I-80 interchange in Salt Lake City, head north on I-15 for 69 miles to Tremonton (exit 382). At exit 382 the freeway splits; I-84 continues to the northwest, and I-15 forks off and goes north. Travel northwest on I-84 for 37 miles to exit 5. Turn left (west) on Highway 30 and travel 16 miles to Curlew Junction (a junction with Highway 42).


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