Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Jersey based author Isabella Tanikumi sues Disney for copyright infringement over "Frozen"

Isabella Tanikumi asserts the film "Frozen" infringes on the copyright of Tanikumi's "Living My Truth" and "Yearning Of The Heart."

CBS News reports:

Another [count in the complaint] says both the books and the film center around two sisters with opposite colored hair, each with their own horse. She goes on, saying in both cases, the older sister accidentally hurts the younger sister, and the younger sister loses her memory of the incident.

In the book, Tanikumi says the sisters have male romantic interests named Hans and Kristoff. In "Frozen," the sisters pair with Hans and Christoff. She also cites "hands to the sky with sprinkles," saying her book cover and the film's DVD cover are alike.

The complaint is filed in D. N.J.


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