Thursday, August 07, 2014

Senator John Walsh drops out of the race, because of plagiarism

John Walsh on Thursday, August 7, 2014, stated that he was dropping his Senatorial election bid. Montana newspapers had found plagiarism unacceptable, and had urged Walsh to stop campaigning. Thus, the earlier post by "Inside Higher Ed" is not applicable to the state of Montana, although it may apply to the state of Delaware, where voters found Biden's law school plagiarism not such a big deal.

The New York Times noted:

Still, the reaction in his home state was swift and negative. Two Montana newspapers published editorials on Sunday urging him to stop campaigning.

The Billings Gazette said such a decision would represent “the honorable course,” and The Missoulian went further, saying he should drop out and let his party replace him.

“The bottom line is, Montanans simply cannot — and won’t — trust a senator who portrayed the words and ideas of others as his own for his own personal gain,” the Missoulian editorial said.

The War College commenced its own investigation into Mr. Walsh immediately after the Times article was published, and it made a preliminary conclusion that there was evidence of plagiarism. An academic review board at the college will convene next month to reach a conclusive determination, a decision that could result in the senator’s losing his degree.

Recall the Torricelli matter in New Jersey. See Torricelli-to-Lautenberg: Perverting the Rule of Law


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