Thursday, August 07, 2014

Apple patent application 20140223448 for providing local information on a travel destination

First claim of US 20140223448 :

A method comprising:

detecting itinerary information stored by a first application on a user device;

identifying, by operation of a computing device, a travel destination based on the detected itinerary information;

communicating the travel destination to a second application executable on a user device;

storing the travel destination in association with the second application, wherein the second application is adapted to retrieve local information based on an identified geographic location; and

providing local information for the travel destination through the second application in response to a user interaction with the second application and based on a triggering threshold associated with the itinerary information

And, from Apple's 20140223423 :

A method comprising: installing applications on a mobile device; periodically sending from the mobile device a request to an application service for application update information corresponding to the one or more installed applications; receiving application update information from the application service identifying application updates available for downloading from the application service for one or more of the installed applications; determining that the mobile device is connected to the application service over a cellular data connection; waiting a first specified period of time for the mobile device to connect to a wireless access point; and automatically downloading the application updates when the mobile device connects to a wireless access point within the first specified period of time.


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