Friday, August 01, 2014

Appellant Amdocs wins at CAFC

In Amdocs v. Openet, plaintiff-appellant Amdocs prevailed on issues related to summary judgment which had been granted to Openet and got a reversal/remand and vacation/remand to ED Va.

Amdocs and Openet compete in the market for “data mediation software,” which collects, processes,
and compiles network records so that network usage can +be tracked and billed appropriately.

The inquiry of “[i]nfringement, either literal or under the doctrine of
equivalents, is a question of fact. ” +Brilliant Instruments, +Inc., v. GuideTech, LLC , 707 F.3d 1342, 1344 (Fed.Cir.2013).

Amdocs argues that including “in a distributed fashion” in the construction of “enhance” is an impermissible importation of limitations from the specification into the
claims. But as both the district court and Openet point out, the specification repeatedly recites the
advantages of distributed enhancement.


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