Friday, July 04, 2014

Fifty years of "James Bond" legal fighting ended in 2013

Following up on an IPBiz post about Thunderball, note the dispute finally settled in November 2013.

From Fordham's IPLJ

Finally, on November 15, 2013, after over 50 years of intellectual property disputes, a settlement was announced between Danjaq LLC, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, and the estate of Kevin McClory. The James Bond rights are finally secure, and Danjaq and Metro Goldwyn Mayer have acquired the rights of the McClory family as part of the terms of the settlement agreement. Settlement terms and the amount paid in the settlement were not disclosed to the public.

This resolution came 30 years after McClory produced 1983′s “Never Say Never Again,” related to his initial work “78 Longitude West” and the dispute over Thunderball.

As one footnote to the James Bond saga, the first adaptation of a "James Bond" novel to the "screen" involved a television presentation, in the United States in 1954, of "Casino Royale," with Barry Nelson portraying American agent James Bond. Peter Lorre played Le Chiffre.

See also the post about Kevin McClory, Jack Whittingham and Ian Fleming


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