Thursday, April 03, 2014

Samsung accuses Apple of not practising patents; projecting a troll charge; Apple responds

A tuaw post Apple files motion protesting Samsung assertion that Apple doesn't practice patents at issue discusses Apple's problem with Samsung's allegation that Apple doesn't practice its patents. Non-practising patentees sometimes are called trolls.

Apple's motion includes the text

Over and over again, Samsung's counsel represented that Apple has never practiced the '414, '172, and '959 patents-even though, as Samsung knows, Apple has sold and continues to sell products that use each of Apple's asserted patents. The Court's order limiting Apple's ability to contend that it practices the '414, '172, and '959 patents at trial does not (and cannot) permit Samsung to affirmatively present false factual statements to the jury; but now that Samsung has done precisely that, Apple should be permitted to respond with testimony and evidence demonstrating that Apple practices those patents.


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