Sunday, March 23, 2014

"The Mentalist" on March 23, 2014: White as the Driven Snow

More on the murder of LaRoche.  Begins with last segment of last episode where Grace is abducted.  Rigsby is with Cho and Jane, drinking Lone Stars.  Rose Mountain Inn.  Cho asks about Grace and Rigsby joining FBI.  Cho:  why is the door to your room open?  Rigsby:  where are you Grace?

Richard Haibach is the suspect.  He shows up at the FBI building.
Meanwhile, Grace is shown, confined in a room.

Richard is prepared with alibis for the time Grace was taken, and for the time of the two other murders.

Grace escapes from the room but ends up with Richard's sister, Hazel.

But Haiback and Haibach's lawyer end up in car driven by Jane, later joined by Rigsby.

Jane and Rigsby trick Haibach into revealing the location.

As the FBI homes in on Santa Fe, there is a request for a drone.

The FBI helicopter arrives after Rigsby dispatched Haibach.

The last episode for Rigsby and Grace.


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