Sunday, March 23, 2014

"The Good Wife" on March 23, 2014

"The Good Wife" opened with Will arguing for a defendant (Jeffrey Grant) in a murder trial.    Judge Thomas Politi.  The police arrested the wrong man.  Will:  it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Switch to Alicia, looking lost in thought.  None of this existed six months ago.  Alicia to Cary:  "Thank you for making me do this."  Cary:  I'm seeing Kalinda.  Cary:  you looked concerned.
Alicia:  I thought she was gay.  Cary:  no bisexual, or something.

Dudeck to Alicia:   You represented your husband.  Dudeck:  I advise you to submit to a voluntary deposition.  Will Gardner will go on the record.

Back to Will's murder trial.  Discussing "touch DNA".  A person loses 400,000 skin cells per day.  Will talks about touching a book.  A book on reserve was used by both the victim and grant.

An issue of a chlorinated pool destroying the DNA.    What were Danny Littlejohn's movements?  Diane:  we're putting eight associates on it?  Diane:  do we think Jeffrey did it?  What was the plea on the table?  8 years.  Diane:  what if he's not innocent?  Will:  this is not a crusade.  Diane:  ok, tell me if you need my help.

Alicia on the phone with Grant's parents, who want a second opinion.  Cary:  would you want me as your lawyer.

Grant's card key logged him in at 9:49pm.  A professor (Delaney) was a previous suspect.

Alicia tells Will about the Grants phone call.  Will:  thanks.  Alicia:  we may have our differences but you're the better lawyer.  Will confronts the Grants.

At time of Danny's death, Delaney was with his ex-wife.

Kalinda asks Will:  how long do you need to replace me?  Anyway, I'll miss you.  There are not many people I like who are left.

Dudeck is doing Alicia's deposition.  Reconsider her response.  No, I'm good.  You and Mr. Gardner are lovers, correct.  I know the investigator is in trouble when he tries to make it personal.  You're losing, Mr. Dubeck.

Kalinda learns that the doctor treated both.  A paramedic brought in both.

Back to the deposition.  What did the governor know, and when did he know it.
Once Will Gardner testifies, the dominoes will start falling.

Jeffrey Grant grabs a gun in the courtroom and starts shooting.  Will is hit.

Alicia is at Chicago Correspondents' Dinner.

Will is dead.  Kalinda and Diane remove the sheet covering his head.

Sneak peak:  Diane and Alicia together.

Peter to Alicia:  "We're all that we have"

Michael J. Fox:  I'm the new Will.


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