Sunday, March 23, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning on March 23, 2014: the money issue

Anthony Mason does the money issue.  Mark Strassman does the cover story on vanishing shopping malls, and reinvention thereof.  Second, Rita Braver on currency.  Third, David Pogue on smart watches.  Fourth, Lee Cowan on Shakira. Fifth, Mark Phillips on Rolls-Royce.  Headlines.  Malaysian flight 370.  Holly Williams in Perth.  Tony Abbott.  Russia's flag over military bases in Crimea.  Mudslide in Washington.  Michelle Obama in China.  Weather.  Midweek storm in northeast.

"Everything must go".  Ruins of American culture.  Abandoned mall in Toledo, Ohio.   The Blues Brothers.  Southdale Mall in 1956 in Minnesota.  Robin Lewis, the New Rules of Retail.  Mall of America, 520 stores.  Then,  No new enclosed mall since 2006.  Jose leg apse in Atlanta.  Plaza Fiesta.  Hispanic mall.  Listen to music.  280 stores, doctor, dentist, bus station.  One stop experience.   Key to re-invention.  Give a reason to come.  An experience.

Rita Braver.  The color of money.  Rose Rios on the money of yesterday.  Allan Ewing.  New hundred dollar bill.  Dead statesmen and old buildings.
Poll:  25% would like to see JFK on currency
Art:  the moneylisa.  Liberty is made from 82,000 bill fragments.
Push broom.  Lancaster, Pa.  Mark Wagner.  Picture of Bernanke comm. by a Time.   Frank Wiliams is a collector.

Seth Doane on fish story.  Skigi seafood market in Tokyo.  Chef Onuki.   Japan consumes 10% of world's fish.   One tuna sold for 1.7 million dollars.

Chester Gould of Dick Tracy.  David Pogue on wrist computers.  Smart watch.  Laptop Magazine.
A companion to smart phone.  Sony smartwatch2.  Samsung galaxy gear.  Monitoring health.  Bob troya.  Self-tracking.  Big money in health tracking.  Battle for your dollars.

John blackstone on seed money.  Blankets for beasties.   Ari nessel.  The Pollination Project.  $1000 per day.  Transformation happens on the fringes.  Average household donates $2500 to charity.

Mark Phillips on Rolls-Royce.  Leather from bulls.  300-400k per car.  Richard Carter.  Fiber optic representation of night sky.  John Lennon.  Richard Caller, the bespoke process.   China is Rolls biggest market.

Richard Scheslinger on Spirit Airlines.  High profit margin.  Ads on overhead bins.  $3 for water.  Options that customers choose.  Year of the customer.  Aligning expectations.

Lee Cowan on Shakira from Colombia.  Wrote first song at age 8.  I wanted to become relevant.  Cowan met her in Cartagena.  Descalzo.  Many more schools to open.

Nancy Giles on tipping points.  Tip=to insure prompt service.  Bob Manning on taxi tips.  Loss adeo of Tip Top Diner in NJ.  Colorado diners leave 19.6% tip.

Serena Altshul.  Quirky inventor.  Quirky manages 900,000 inventors.  Thursday night.
Ben Kauffman.  Make invention accessible.  10% revenue shared.  Citrus sprayer called stem.
Hot dog splicer.  Garson Leslie on air conditioner:  wifi enabled.

Jim Kramer of Mad Money.  Discretionary portfolio.  Vs. 401(k).
Save 10-15%.  Always diversify.  Standard and Poors index fund,  average family $3800 in savings.

Spanish dollar served as US currency in 17th and 18th centuries.

Next week:  science of laughter

Snow geese and tundra swans in Lehigh Valley, Pa.  Many "bills."


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