Sunday, March 23, 2014

"60 Minutes" on March 23, 2014

First, Boston Marathon bombing investigation..
Second, diamond heist at mall in Dubai from Audis.
Third, New Yorker magazine cartoons. [Dog at heaven's gate: Is there any chance of getting my testicles back?]

Scott Pelley gives the inside story of the manhunt for the Boston Marathon perpetrators.  April 15, 2013.  Special Agent Rick Delorie is interviewed.  Everything swept from the street was sent to a 46,000 square foot warehouse near Logan Airport.  Re-creating the bombs from the pieces.  Key evidence:  video from cameras.  120 analysts searching the feeds.  Eureka moment on Wednesday morning:  tall man wearing a white ball cap and a backpack.  The man does not turn to his left when first explosion went off.  Martin Richard, 8 years old, was killed.  Stephanie Richards at FBI command center.  The suspect was termed "white hat."  US Attorney Carmen Ortiz.  New York Post:  posted wrong man in white hat.  The real pictures of "white hat" had not been released.  On Thursday, Rick Delorie revealed the correct pictures.  At 12:30 to 1am the next morning, murder of police office connected to bomb suspects.  Fight in Watertown.  Death of Police Officer Sean Collier.  On Friday, lockdown of Boston.  The Attorney General is seeking the death penalty.  Trial in November 2014.

Bob Simon on diamond thieves, The Pink Panthers.  Ex-Yugoslavs.  In Dubai, at a mall, drove two Audis through doors at mall.  Heist took less than 45 seconds.  Ron Noble [Ronald K. Noble], head of Interpol.    In 2003, stole diamonds in London; hid diamonds in cold cream.  In last 20 years, half a billion in heist.   A woman cases the place first.    They come from Montenegro and Serbia.  St. Tropez:  made getaway in speed boats.  Now, the Pink Panthers are getting into art.


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