Sunday, July 28, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on July 28, 2013

Lee Cowan did a special edition of Sunday Morning on the New Jersey shore. Susan Spencer does the cover story. Life's pleasures. The pursuit of pleasure. Second, Tracy Smith on tree houses. What is it about a tree house that everybody loves. Out on a limb. Third, Rita Braver on Nora Roberts. You want characters to have fabulous sex.
Fourth, Adam Levene and Maroon 5. A Summer Song. Fifth, Steve Hartman. Mo Rocca. Seth Doane.

Don Daylor in the news room. Crowds have gathered in Rio for Pope Francis. Egyptian security forces clashed with Morsi supporters. John Kerry comments. Obama on Korean War armistice. Bus crashed in Indianapolis. Lindy Boggs died. Retired from Congress in 1990. Chime fest for George. Sunday forecast. milder temperatures.

Rumson New Jersey shown on a map. Then, Susan Spencer introduced for the "pleasure" story. Professor Gregory Burns at Emory University. Sleep is on the top of the list.
Food, sleep, and sex are the pleasures. Yale's Paul Bloom. Book "How Pleasure Works." What's its real essence is. Experiment done by Stanford/Caltech. Wine tastes better if told it comes from expensive bottle. "Higher price tag" --> enjoy it more. Julien's and Michael Jackson's jacket. Sotheby's. George Clooney's sweater. Thoroughly washed sweater then value goes down. Washed away the Clooney cooties. Cheese is spoiled milk. Paul Rozen. Hot chile peppers. Why put in mouth. Benign masochism. Why we enjoy terror movies, sad songs. Mastering negative experience. Chiles: just below the limit of what they can't bear. "Monetary expected value." Gregory Burns: alternating drops of water and juice. Surprise yourself. First time is always the best. Best when a surprise. Good friends, beer, and summertime. Push the envelope.

Tracy Smith on tree houses. Jake Jacob shown cutting limbs for a tree house outside of Seattle. Eric Seeley. Bainbridge Island. Temple of the Blue Moon. Peter Nelson. Tree House Bed & Breakfast. Roderick Romero. Sting and Trudy tree house.
Julianne Moore and Val Kilmer. Perspective we all want is that of a child.

Lee Cowan at a grill. Hamburgrs. Danny Myer and Shake Shack. Josh on invention of burger. Schniffer Brothers. Personal experience. White Castle on burger take out. McDonalds made burger ubiquitous. 38% of men prefer burgers well done/ 46% of women.

Cowan with big house in background introduces Rita Braver on Nora Roberts. J.D. Robb. Angels Fall. "Why do I want to write about ugly people?" Home in rural Maryland. Decided to start writing in 1979. "I wanted it really really bad." Boonesboro, Maryland. Elizabeth and Darcy.

Seth Doane on flowers in Hawaii. Waimea. Ka Lei. Honopua.

Lee Cowan at The Meat Hook in Brookyln. 800 hot dogs consumed per second. Hot dog restaurant "Bark" owned by Josh Sharkey. The customer is the expert.

Cowan with a push mower to introduce Mo Rocca on manscaping. European Wax Center in NYC. Joe Dooley.

Lee Cowan introduces A Summer Song on Maroon 5. Kara's Flowers. Matt Flynn. Mickey Madden. Songs About Jane. Grammy in 2005. Moves Like Jagger.

Steve Hartman. Bicycle. Second Life Bikes in Asbury Park, NJ. 400 kids earned bikes.

Mark Hirsch in Plattville, WISC. 160 year old burr oak tree. Photographed oak tree every day for one year. SouthWest: That tree.

Next week: Carol Burnett.

Moment of nature. Cape Fear Island in North Carolina. Terns. Pelicans.

Ends with song "Groovin'" in the background.


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