Sunday, July 14, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on July 14, 2013

Charles Osgood noted they were pushing a fast forward button. First, Mo Rocca on cover story. Yesterday's vision of tomorrow. Second, Serena Alschul on 3D printing. Engineer human tissue.
Printing the human body. Third, Jeremy Irons interviewed by Tracy Smith. Global garbage problem. How we are trashing our future. Fourth, Barry Peterson on "our we really alone?" Is anybody out there? Fifth, Lee Cowan on "Meet the Jetsons." The year 2062. Our Jetsonian expectations. Don Dailor in the newsroom for headlines. Zimmerman not guilty in Sanford. Mark Strassman reports. Jury reached verdict after 16 hours of deliberations. Mark O'Mara was one of the defense lawyers and spoke. Bernie de la Rionda, prosecutor, was disappointed.. Also, Glee actor Cory Monteith dead. Gov. Perry will sign anti-abortion bill. Six year old in Indiana dune survived. Weather: hot to warm in northeast.

The July 14 show is a recycle of
CBS Sunday Morning on 28 April 2013

The cover story by Mo Rocca started with trains zooming via vacuum tube. Movie "2001" referenced. PanAm. Ron Miller dreamed of exploring space. Wolfgang Schroeder. John Criskevitch. The dominating impact of corporate sponsonship. James Banks of Popular Mechanics. 1954: FLAT SCREEN TV predicted. House of the future made of plastic. The Fabulous World of Jules Verne. Igor Sikorsky read Jules Verne. From the Earth to the Moon. Murray Leinster: two way television with a keyboard. Movie 1984. Movie Oblivion in 2013. Romanticize the past. Poll: 49% say America's best days are in the past. 35% say in the future.

Moment of nature was New Jersey's Great Swamp.

Next week: Bruno Mars. Lazy Song?


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