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CBS Sunday Morning for July 7, 2013

Osgood started the July 7 show with a reference to the airline crash in San Francisco. Lee Cowan reported on the cover story "starting over." Second, Bill Geist on "diamonds," related to the movie "a league of their own." Third, Serena Alschul on Bradley Cooper. Fourth, "images of war" done by Martha Teichner. 150 years after the battle of Gettysburg. Mark Strassman; Rita Braver; the Mouse.

Headlines for July 7. Crash landing of flight 214 (a Boeing 777). 307 people on board. Lac Megantic, Quebec, fires due to freight train. Egypt remains in chaos following outster of Mersi. Edward Snowden still in transport lounge in Moscow.

Weather. Hot. 90s in east.

First, John Blackstone in San Francisco on the crash landing of the South Korean 777 airliner. Asiana flight 214. Injured passengers were sent to nine different hospitals. There were 291 passengers on board.

Lee Cowan in Lancaster, PA. Atheer Hameed, a photographer. Baghdad Symphony playing music. Baghdad Zoo. Anyone in the media was in danger in Iraq. Athir got refugee status because of threats. Why Lancaster? More than 1000 people killed in Baghdad in month of May alone.

Almanac. Bread. July 7, 1928. Chillicothe, MO: pre-sliced bread. Kleen Maid Bread. 40 loaves per minute. Toaster sales soared. Toaster fest with Bill Geist previously shown on Sunday Morning. Otto Frederick Rohwedder .

61 years ago today , SS United States broke speed record. Mark Strassman reports. Susan Gibbs. William Francis Gibbs was her grandfather. Gibbs was a Harvard drop out. Steven Ujifusa did a book. If war, SS United States could carry 14,000 troops. July 1952, 3 days 10 hours 14 minutes. 44 miles per hour. Marilyn Monroe; Marlon Brando. Roz MacPherson sailed in 1958. Jet travel 6 hours. SS United States mothballed in 1969. Charles Howland collects SS United States memorabilia. (recycled from Feb. 17, 2013)

Bill Geist on Donnie Schroeder and other female baseball players. League started in 1943 and ended in 1954. (recycled story from October 7, 2012)

Rita Braver on strokes. Mark Kirk , junior senator from Illinois. Blood supply to brain being cut off. January 2012. Stroke causes brain swelling. Rehabilitation Institue of Chicago. Mike Klinowski, lead therapist for Kirk. Stroke was on right side of brain. Kirk was five term member of House before being elected Senator. Kirk voted against Obamacare. Don't make promises you can't afford to keep. Kirk wants people to see his disabilities. See what people like him still have to offer.

Martha Teichner started with Fort Sumter. Damage photographed within hours. True likenesses remained as a record. Jeff Rosenheim at Met Museum of Art. Images of Civil War now at Metropolitan Museum, then goes to Charleston, SC. "How ferocious they tried to look." Posing stand. Stay still for up to 8 seconds. Sept. 17, 1862: 23,000 dead and wounded at Antietam. Pictures of wounded. Emancipated slaves. VBM: initials of plantation owner. Photo of Lincoln in 1860. Booth poster: first "wanted" poster illustrated with photographs. We are, as a nation, only as good as our memory. Sunday Morning Index: 78% say family photos are very important.

Inventor. Doug Engelbart died on July 2, 49 years after inventing mouse in 1964. "xy position indicator for display system." Showed it at a conference in 1968. Patent in 1970. We're just a little ways up the hill. Engelbart, a Berkeley Ph.D., once said: "SRI patented the mouse [US 3,541,531], but they really had no idea of its value. Some years later it was learned that they had licensed it to Apple Computer for something like $40,000."

Serena Alschul does Sunday Profile on Bradley Cooper.

Week ahead. Monday. Congress returns from recess. Tuesday: first day of Ramadan. Wednesday: arraignment of Boston Bomber.
Thursday: 60th ann. of Queen Elizabeth II. Friday: Jason Aldeen at Boston Sat. NAACP in Orlando.

News report from Egypt. Clarissa Ward in Cairo. Major Garrett discusses Face the Nation.

Next week on Sunday Morning. Journey to the Future.

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Moment of nature. At Mount Rushmore. Under the gaze of four former presidents.


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