Sunday, May 19, 2013

"60 Minutes" Special Edition on May 19, 2013 at 8pm Eastern Time

There were three stories previewed for the "special edition" show on May 19, 2013:

Massive migration out of Afghanistan.

Movies about lions in Africa. Water-loving super lions.

Taylor Swift as a role model.

Anderson Cooper does "A Long and Dangerous Journey." Massive migration out of Afghanistan by children. Afghan boys on Greek island. Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece. "I didn't have any future." Alexandra Fassina has created on-going photographic record. Mittilini: several boys died. One survivor of incident. Sweden grants highest % of asylum to Afghan children. Last year, nearly 2000 children granted asylum.

Lara Logan on the Gilberts on African lions. title: "Lion Kings." Previous story in 2012. Botswana. Belief that the animals have untold stories. Initially, documented lions at night.
Battles between lions and hyenas. Hyenas making kills, and lions as scavengers. Lions attacking an elephant.


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