Sunday, May 19, 2013

"60 Minutes" on May 19, 2013

Lesley Stahl talked about computer face-recognition. Second, camp 14 by Anderson Cooper, a recycled story from December 2, 2012. Third, Lara Logan on Michael Jackson's fortunes after death. Image resurrection. What Michael Jackson left behind.

First up "Face in the Crowd." with an allusion to the Boston event. Carnegie-Mellon. Mario Savitas: drone outfitted with facial recognition software. Surveillance technology. The concept of a faceprint. TVs have facial recognition technology. Facial recognition can be done surreptiously. Joseph Addick did software. In film "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise, commercial aspects. Digital billboards. New Towne Mall video of Intel. Mannikins with facial recognition. Hitachi of Japan is working on individual identification. Big Brother is Big Business. There are no rules for commerce in the US, but there are rules in Europe. If you have been tagged on FaceBook, chances are faceprint has been created. Linking faces on street to names, and to shopping history. Worry about privacy when one is merely walking around. Create patterns that interfere with facial recognition algorithms. David McMullan of Red Pepper at Jed's Bar. facedeals. Restaurant recognizes faceprint, mine shopping history, and send a coupon. A diet Coke. Electronic devices are tracking us. Alessandro Aquisti of Carnegie Mellon. He took photos of random students. Sort for facial recognition. He identified several, and got personal data, including in some cases social security number.
Needed: a picture with your name on it. 2105C is office for Alessandro. Facebook has bigger database than guv. But FBI is working on it: David Cuthbertson shows Lesley example of sort of 12.8 million mugshots. Pictures of people who have been arrested. No legal authorization to download from Facebook. This begins with information we feed onto the internet. Start with a face and predict social security number. There is no place to hide.

But, see also Why facial recognition software isn’t ready for prime time with summary

Opinions are divided on whether facial recognition technology helped or hindered the search for the Boston bombers. An expert tells us it wasn’t even used, and there are still hurdles to widespread, accurate deployment.

"Three Generations of Punishment" by Anderson Cooper about escape of Shin Dong-hyuk from Camp 14. 150,000 people in North Korea are believed to be doing time in these gulags. Cooper alluded to the earlier presentation of this story in December 2012. 15,000 people are believed to be in Camp 14. David Hawk, human rights investigator. In post World War II world, North Korea is the only country punishing later generations of political malcontents. Torture: hanging by ankles; fire. Public execution site. They hung his mother and shot his brother. "Escape from Camp 14" by Blaine Harden.

Wikipedia notes: On December 2, 2012, Shin was featured on 60 Minutes during which he recounted to Anderson Cooper the story of his life in Camp 14 and escape.

Shin worries about all the people still in the prison camps.

The third story about Michael Jackson has some IP relevance, such as "right of publicity" for deceased people. Michael Jackson is making more money after his death (in 2009) than he did when alive. Barcelona, Spain: Michael Jackson tour done by Cirque de Soleil. 190,000 people in Mexico City. John Branca, lawyer. Box office more than 300 million. Has sold 50 million albums since death. Look at the Michael we knew, the artistic genius. Very honorable person.
Challenge to Branca as executor. Series of wills, almost identical. 40% to children and 40% to mother. Accumulate principal . John McClain other co-executor. Jack O'Malley Greenburg.
Never stopped spending like it was the 1980's. Child abuse charge in 1993. Karen Langford is archivist for Jackson Estate. There are five warehouses storing Jackson stuff. Copyright value of 100 million for Jackson. But bigger value from other songs: Great Balls of Fire.
Beatles catalog. Paid 47.5 million for Beatles. Sony-ATV Music. Michael's half might be worth one billion. Jackson had borrowed $380 million. Sale of future rights for $250 million to Sony. Video footage of Jackson at 50. Movie "This is it" has made $500 million. First deals showed Michael Jackson was not radioactive. Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller. People transported back to the 1980s. Jackson Estate/Cirque de Soleil are 50/50 partners in show.
"Michael Jackson One". Litany of claims against Jackson Estate. Most of the claims were absurd according to lawyer. Cavalry Safe has sequined glove. Since Jackson's death, the Estate of Michael Jackson has made over $600 million, which is more than any living artist has made over that time period.


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