Sunday, April 14, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on April 14, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for April 14. Benjamin Franklin on death and taxes. We live in taxing times.
Anthony Mason does the cover story: the 100th anniversary of income tax (from 1913). A century of taxing times.
Second, Mark Phillips on Carla Bruni of France. Third, Serena Alschul on Kon-Tiki. Fourth, Lee Cowan on Cicely Tyson. Trip to Bountiful on Broadway. Fifth, Rebecca Jarvis on Purel. Seth Doane. Steve Hartman.

Headlines: John Kerry arrived in Japan this morning. Pres. Obama let Francine Wheeler give weekly address. Airplane crash in Bali of 737. Angel Cabrera at Masters. Forecast: raindrops in August. Snow in midwest. Showers in northeast.

Anthony Mason. Mr. Haynes students sent birthday cards to the IRS. In 1913. Nina Olson. Only about 3% subject to income tax; now 54% subject to tax. 16th Amendment to Constitution. 7% rate to 77% at WWI. Joseph Thorndike.
Consider Boston Tea Party. Objected to tax loopholes. When tax seems less shared, there is a problem. By 1920s, wealthy had had enough. Andrew Mellon. Three presidents served under Andrew Mellon (Harding, Coolidge, Hoover). High taxes hurt the economy. Grover Norquist: Americans for Tax Reform. Shrinking government down to size that it can be drowned in a bath tub. "Taxpayer Protection Pledge". Take by force. Joseph Thorndike: asking them to pay price that they want to buy. 71% of Americans say it is responsible to report all income. Chairman of Ways and Means Committee. Appearance of Unfairness. Top end gets rewarded. Holmes: Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.
Adele: thank you for giving one thing not to look forward to as I approach adulthood.

Almanac. April 14, 1902. Kemmerer, WY: James Cash Penney opened first store. Golden Rule. Interview with Edward R. Murrow. JC Penney bought out partners. Low prices and fair value. James C. Penney died in 1971 at age of 95. In 1985: Prince Charles. In 2011, Ron Johnson rebranded JCP. Interview of Johnson with Anna Werner on Sunday Morning. JC Penney Board fired Ron Johnson. JCP turned to Blackstone group to raise cash.

Seth Doane leads a tour in New York City. 80 feet below ground level, new subway line being constructed. Boring machines. Second Avenue Cough. Lynn Cashman. 100,000 residents per square mile. New Yorkers have a sense of entitlement. 4.5 billion dollar project. That's what people made Zantac for. 92 year old project. Blasting creates vibration: worry about building (above) age. 72 St to 96 St. Robert Poswell, civil engineer. US spends only 1.7% of GDP on transportation infrastructure. 1.5 million people per day jam east side subways. Workers are called sand hogs.
Austin Brady has worked underground for 45 years. Michael Horeniencheno. Light at end of tunnel. In three years, first leg of subway line will be completed.

Lee Cowan does Sunday Profile on Cicely Tyson. Wharton, Texas. A sleuth of sorts to research her latest role. When you've longer than your house and family. A trip to Bountiful. Playright died in 2009. Geraldine Page in 1985 film version. Tyson's mother did not speak to Tyson for two years after Tyson landed an acting job. Married to Miles Davis. National dialog on civil rights. In 1972, Oscar nomination. Also, played mother of Kunta Kinte in Roots. Autobiography of Jane Pittman. Cicely L. Tyson School for Performing Arts in East Orange, NJ. Vanessa Willaims is co-star in Bountiful. Beacon of social conscience.

Sunday passage. Annette Funicello. 13 years old in 1955. In 1992, announced she had MS. Jonathan Winters died on Thursday. Maude Frickett. Appearance with Johnny Carson in 1991. 1963 film: Mad World.

Serena Alschul on Kon-Tiki. 1947. Now, there is a film about the Kon Tiki. In 1951, Heyerdahl did a a documentary.
Heyerdahl's theory: polynesia settled by South Americans. Ancient Peruvians. Explorers Club in New York has flag of Kon Tiki. World's first reality show. 101 days after launch, Kon Tiki reached Polynesia.

Steve Hartman on Kimberly Mitchell. "Precious Pearl." In May 2012, her story appeared in a Vietnamese periodical.
Bao Tran moved to New Mexico after the Viet Nam War. You never know what one act of kindness will do.

Mark Phillips on Carli Bruni. "Little French Songs." Song: Raymon is really about Nicholas. He's like a pirate.
Le Pingouin.

Success stories. Purell. Mike Richardson of Fredonia Group. Gojo Industries. Joe Kanfor. Jerry Lipman. Alcohol based hand sanitizer for food and health care workers. Wanted to name: flash. Purel. Jim Arbogast. In 2002, CDC alcohol based products more effective than hand washing. The race to the walls. Half of gojo R&D spent on dispensers. Need patience. [Rebecca Jarvis]

Opponents of Thatcher. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

Week ahead. Monday. Costa Concordia manslaugher of 32. Tuesday. Justin Bieber. Wednesday: Margaret Thatcher. Thursday. tax freedom day. Friday. 116th birthday. Sat. Iragis go to polls.

Opinion. Ben Stein. Ronald Reagan. Iron Dome defense system. Why not create Irone Dome for USA? Let's get real people.

Next week. Journey into the future.

Moment of nature. Cherry blossoms in Washington DC.


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