Sunday, March 10, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on March 10, 2013. Lincoln's patent application on March 10, 1849.

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, March 10, 2013.

Time of new beginnings. Change in Vatican as to celibacy. Cover story by Barry Peterson. Uncertain future in Catholic church. Mo Rocca interviews Rita Moreno.

Third, Tracy Smith on HBO's Girls. Lena Dunham. Anthony Mason on band Phish. Trey Anastasio. Hands on a Hard Body. Lucy Craft/Sushi. Lee Cowan on Valerie Harper.

Headlines. Vatican chimney is in place. Ring of outgoing pope destroyed. Afghanistan Prez accused US of collaborating with Taliban. Mandela in hospital. Obama to pick Perez for Secretary of Labor. Mouse stem cells for teeth. Weather: midweek rain for northeast.

Barry Peterson on "Celibacy." A new Pope might re-think old doctrines, such as celibacy. Chicago's Frencis George: a sign someone has left everything. Father John Fitzgibbons of Denver: not distracted by family, kids, economics. Gary Wills, author. Why Priests? For first 1000 years, priests could marry. Then, issues of widows claiming against priests estates. Change in 11th century. Sister Peg Maloney. Poll: 66% favpr priest marrying. Number of priests is falling as number of Catholics growing. Mundelein Seminary. Derek Ho. Connor Danstrom. Desmond Drummer. How soon will celibacy become a fading tradition?

Almanac. March 10, 1849. Abraham Lincoln filed patent application. 1940 film starring Raymond Massey. Even William Herndon thought the idea was bad. A scale model sits in the Smithsonian, the only one ever built. Lincoln's application became a patent in two months.

Pulse. When do you prefer more sunlight? In evening: 49%.

Lucy Kraft on Sushi chef in Tokyo. Jiro Ono. Documentary: Jiro Dreams of Sushi. He was sent away at age 7 to a restaurant. Kiyabashi Jerro. Patrons must reserve a month in advance. Must eat fish within 3 seconds of being served on plate.

Lena Dunham of Girls talks to Tracy Smith. Hannah Horvath, an aspiring writer in New York City. Girls is a show about everything. 20 somethings trying to make it in New York City. The show, at times, can be vulgar. Unique but alienating. 20 something angst. "Tiny Furniture." The "girls" are children of famous people (e.g., Mamet, Williams). Show depicts awkward interactions with parents. OCD wears a groove in your brain. In times of stress, return to certain ways of thinking. Dunham is now 26; do you feel envy from other people? People question your right to be there. Girls has been picked up by HBO for a third season.

Valerie Harper mentioned she is suffering from terminal brain cancer. Lee Cowan discusses Valerie Harper. Harper told People Magazine she may have just a few months to live. Living with the thought of death. Don't go to the funeral before the day of the funeral. Not keeping it in the shadows. Reference to "her expiration date."

David Edelstein. Oz the great and powerful. Warner Brothers owns rights to movie. But the characters themselves are in the public domain. Edelstein refers to the new movie as hokie and joyless. James Franco plays the wizard, like a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. A trio of wicked witches. Final line of review: take that, Warner Brothers.

Steve Hartman. Friends in Need. Noah Brockelbank from Columbia, Maryland. Bullying. Night of January 26. "Day of scheduled birthday." Plan for Noah to see more clearly how much he as loved. Kindness of strangers. There are caring people out there.

Mo Rocca on Rita Moreno, from West Side Story. Singin' in the Rain. Came to US from Puerto Rico when Rita was five years old.
Rosita. "Orchid Montenegro." Rita from Rita Hayworth. Rita modelled herself after Liz Taylor. A Spanish Elizabeth Taylor: Louis Mayer. Universal ethnic accent. The King and I. This Rebel Breed. Cry of Battle. Mexican spitfire. 1954: cover of Life. The EGOT. Lives in Berkeley Hills. Daughter Fernanda Luiza. The Electric Company with Morgan Freeman. Now: Happlily Divorced. "That's Pretty Good."

Ceremony at Arlington on Friday [March 8, 2013], by David Martin. Two sailors from USS Monitor. March 9, 1862. Later sunk off Cape Hatteras. At present, the two sailors have not been identified.

Hands On. Anthony Mason. Trey Anastasio is making his Broadway debut. Rock group "Phish." Hands on a Hardbody. Amanda Green. In 1983, formed Phish at the University of Vermont. Phish-heads. Phish split in 2004. Re-united in 2009.

Monday: Obama. Tuesday: NYC ban on sugary drinks. Wed. CBS news roundup Thursday: Frank Borman Friday: 100th anniversary of first Prez news conference. Sat. Sara Palin.

Opinion. Commentator Luke Burbank talks about binge-watching episodic television. Mad Men. Downton Abbey. One episode is not enough. Hollywood: can't stop making these irresponsible products. Bring back shows we could stop watching. 4th season of Breaking Bad. Just one more episode.

Face the Nation. Michael Bloomberg.

Next Week on Sunday Morning. TV mini-series, the Bible.

Moment of Nature. Volunteers of America. Snowy Owls in Washington.



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