Sunday, February 10, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on February 10, 2013

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, February 10, 2013. We learned more about drones this past week. Public debate is in cover story by Martha Teichner. Cube System. Second, Anthony Mason on John Mayer. Third, Lee Cowan on Naomi Watts. Fourth, Mo Rocca on tall woman. Faith Salley. Steve Hartman meets a mail man. Headlines: Snow storm of Feb.8-Feb. 9. City of Quincy, MASS was left in the dark. Hamden, CT got 40 inches of snow. Parts of Long Island Expressway closed. Another storm headed this way later this week. Hunt for Chris Dorner in San Benardino mountains. Violence in New Orleans: four shootings. Funeral in Chicago, IL. Dick Cheney: Obama putting nation at risk. Second rate people. US Airways/American Airlines merger. New Year's Day in China. Celine Dion. Sunny and warmer in northeast.

Martha Teichen: predator. Un-manned killing machines armed with hellfire missiles. Confirmation hearings for John Brennan. Brennan oversees covert drone strikes. Pakistan: death estimates from 2000 to 3400. Maybe only 50. "Living Under Drones" by James Cavallero of Stanford University. Serious doubts of whether drones are the best option. Peter Singer, senior fellow at Brookings Institute. There are 8000 drones in use, most of which use cameras, not missile. Now, drones are headed off the battlefield. The Cube System. Steve Gitlin of AeroVironment. Kelly Janke of Nelson County. First responders in North Dakota. Allan Frazier of the University of North Dakota. Grand Forks, ND. Drones require special license if used by police. Private citizens do not. City council meeting in Seattle. At least 11 states have legislation pending that would restrict drone use. Frazier invoked the Wright Brothers. Matt Keenan of AeroVironment developed a hummingbird drone. [See also AeroVironment in the News

Almanac. Feb. 10, 1933. Postal Telegraph Cable Company delivered first singing telegram. Buddy Griggs in movie short. Bette Midler in Beaches. TV series Glee. 1985: Clued. In real life: singing telegram over phone. Western Union stopped doing them in 2006. Clip shown of last one.

Mo Rocca on "Walking Tall." $789 more per inch per year. But tall women will not date down. American woman 5 foot 4. Jill St. John and Henry Kissinger. Mimi Rogers and Tom Cruise. Megan Lekowicz is 6 feet tall. Taller suggests stronger. Social dominance. Profess Glen Geher, Mating Intelligence Unleashed [SUNY, New Paltz]. Whitney Lynch, 6 feet 2 inches. Dating short, looks unnatural. "16 Candles." Claire Burns, 6 foot one. 4.2% of male population are 6 foot 2 (or more). Mark Malkoff. Average height of presidents over last 50 years has been 6 foot one.

Steve Hartman on Post Office in State College, PA. Mike Herr.
Not what you do in life, but how you do it. Mike the Mailman.

Naomi Watts in 2004 movie with Lillie Tomlin. Lee Cowan interviews Naomi. Tsunami on Dec. 26, 2004. Wikipedia on The Impossible

Holly Williams on pilgramage in India. Bathing in water of Ganges. Kumbh Mela festival. Northern Indian city of Allahabad.

Demise of of the name Muzak. Mood:Media. Muzak will henceforth be known as Mood. "Blues Brothers." Zadir Industries. Cold Stone Creamery. Audio Architects. Mood Media, based in Concord, Ontario, bought Muzak two years ago, and now is consolidating its services under a single brand. Trademark matter.

Anthony Mason talks to John Mayer, for the record. Big Sky Country, along Yellowstone River. Being forced to stop contributing: built up three years of capital, not saying what is on his mind. Celebrity girlfriends. Public image has clouded respect as a musician. Granuloma on vocal cords. Botox injection. Emotionally super fragile. Not a clear next step. Botox paralyzes the muscle: allows vocal cords to rest. Backlash from interviews. Rolling Stone and Playboy and 2010. Jessica Simpson: sexual napalm. Taking every battle on. Infamous Lothario. Overthinking. "I've learned to turn it down." Shadow Days. I was 24 for six years, or whatever. Girlfriend: Katy Perry. For me, it feels like something that is very human. Charity concert in Bozeman, Montana. Mayer sang. Mayer will tour this summer. I'm always going to be a little weird.

Valentine's Day. 59.9% plan to celebrate spending 18.6 billion. Average shopper will spend $130. 54.7% will spring for a card. 39.6% shopping at discount stores.

Faith Salie. The love padlock. Horrible metaphor for love. Meaningful love doesn't chain you to one place. Exchanging hair. Go pick a lock. [Role of Sarina Douglas on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ]

Pulse. Wood like to meet in person 44%.

Monday: Obama gives Medal of Honor; Tuesday: State of Union. Thursday: Valentines Friday: asteroid. Sat. North Korea.

David Martin on drones. Maersk Alabama. Scan Eagle drones helped Captain Phillips. Unmanned. X-47B. Patuxent, MD. Can carry 4,700 pounds of weapons. Global Hawks. Unmanned helicopter: Fire Scout. Lost one in Libya. Plan for 6 rockets. Predator, Reaper. Stealth.

Schieffer. Duval Patrick. Lindsey Graham.

Next week. Wayne Brady.

Moment of Nature.[no sponsor mentioned] Songbirds of Galveston, Texas. [fairly long clip]

ending music: Cupid, Graham Parker/Johnny Nash sung by Sam Cooke [draw back your bow.]


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