Sunday, January 27, 2013

CBS Sunday Morning on January 27, 2013

The cover story, reported by Serena Altschuler , was Superbugs: A ticking time bomb Serena quoted Dr. Robert Moellering at Harvard's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Mentioned were ESKAPE organisms, the acronym coming from: enterococci, staphylococci, klebsiella, acinetobacter, pseudomonas, and enterobacter. MRSA, methicillin resistant staph aureus, was discussed.
One commenter wrote: Dr. Moellering should be required to wear gloves when he handles bacterial plates!

The Sunday Morning Almanac was on Tarzan. The first Tarzan movie, Tarzan of the Apes, was released on January 27, 1918. Elmo Lincoln played Tarzan, and the movie was filmed in Morgan City, Louisiana.

Rita Braver interviews 55 year old artist Ai Weiweh. He came to the US on a fellowship in 1983. He returned to China. He helped design the Birds Nest Stadium. NYU Law Prof Jerome Cohen commented on Chinese government response to criticism by Weiweh. Weiweh is now in China, and was not allowed to travel to the US to view Weiweh's show in the US. Of his art, his work is filled with questions.

Passage. Deathe of Linda Riss Pugach. Married in fall of 1974, Death of Larry Selmon. The Collector of Bedford Street.

Flower Power Hawaiian Style by Seth Doane about leis. Airport lei shops. Farmers market at Weimea. Rodylyn Rodrigues noted a kiss comes with a lei. Roen Hufford is a lei creator; leis were made to celebrate their being. Spiritual. Amy Mills and Marie MacDonald. Aloha spirit. 1000 tiny cigar flowers strung into one . Ka Lei. Honopua, which means flower place. [ Ken Hufford and his wife Roen own and operate Honopua Organic Farm, near Waimea ] The love in the lei never dies. Flower garlands. Lin's Lei Shop. Cindy Lau's Lei Shop. Footlong needle. Plumaria. So much for just a string of flowers.

Tracy Smith interviews Edward Albee. Begins with Elizabeth Taylor clip from Virginia Woolf. Yes is better than no, in all things. He berthed life into George and Virginia. There is a new staging on Broadway. More interesting than real people. Any play that can be described in one sentence should be one sentence long. Broadway is not doing plays that sell the most tickets. He won his first Tony in 1963. The play was going to be a little troubling to some people. The Pulitzer jury chose Woolf for a Pulitzer in 1962. The Columbia University Board turned it down. In 1967, Seascape did win. Reed and Francis Albee adopted. They gave him a first rate private school education. In 1948, Albee moved to Greenwich Village; Albee is openly gay. Jonathan Thomas was Albee's partner. To Albee: Do you want to have open heart surgery or not? Albee is 84 and doing a play "Laying an Egg." Prefer being alive to being dead.

Steve Hartman recycles a story from Jan. 25 on Shelby Grebenc, the egg farmer from the Denver area. Father John Michael. Mother Nancy contracted MS. Animal Welfare seal of approval. She makes $15,000 per year. See also

"Georgia on My Mind" clip by Michael Bolton, interviewed by Martha Teichner. Book: The Soul of it All. Born in New Haven in 1953. He hitchhiked to California. He signed a record deal at 15. He was saved by commercials; shaking the money tree. Cher, Kiss, began to record songs he was writing on the side. How was I supposed to live without you. Columbia told him: record your own songs. Time love and tenderness: Love is a wonderful thing. Isley Brothers law suits over title of song. Thus, intellectual property angle. Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan have been collaborators. Don't bore us, get to the chorus. "When a man loves a woman." "Five million fans can be wrong." Nessan dorm. Opera arias. Critics: Graceless. Divorced in 1991. Humana Challenge Golf tournament. Life now: the back nine. His absurd SNL appearance as Captain Jack Sparrow. Olivia and Amelia, grandchildren.

Academy Awards. French drama: Amour. Edelstein was gobsmacked. Bleak, arty, glacially paced. Two plus hours of an 80 something woman dying. Western European upper middle class. The light growing colder. Loss of movement; loss of language. The Piano Teacher. Pretentious punk? Antagonist: time. Higher form of compassion. The octagenarisn segment is not well represented in movies. End of text: That's Amour.

Pulse: presidential ratings at start of second term. Reagan better liked than Obama.

Coming week. Monday. military tribunals at Gitmo. Tuesday: UN Security Council meets on Syria. Thursday: final Thirty Rock. Friday: first Starbucks in Viet Nam. Sat. Groundhog day.

Opinion. Louis Michael Seidman of Georgetown University on US Constitution. Pernicious impact on our political control. Turn question over to lawyers. What did people think about gun control two centuries ago. This is our country; we have a right to make our country. Stop deferring to a two century old document. [As background, Seidman is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and holds a AB degree from the University of Chicago. Wikipedia states he was born in Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Next week: Tim McGraw.

Moment of Nature. Spiriva HandiHaler. Kona Coast off Hawaii's Big Island. Turtle swimming. Flounder on bottom. Sea Urchin.


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