Sunday, December 23, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on December 23, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for December 23, 2012. Millions of families across the land. Seth Doane does the cover story on the gift of time. Time out from cancer. Second, Bradley Cooper interviewed by Serena Alschuler. Silver Linings Playbook. Going home to Philadelphia. Bill Geist on Still Life. Placido Domingo by Tracy Smith. Bill Flanagan and David Edelstein.

Headlines. Funerals at Sandy Hook. Newtown CT has received 60,000 teddy bears. Daniel Inouye. Muslin Brotherhood. New Delhi protesters. Shopper Track is cutting its forecast to 2.5%. Weather: cold in plains and northeast.

Seth Doane on a very special journey. A trip by the Curtis's from Woodburn, KY. Theresa received a terminal notification about cancer 18 months ago. Cancer is always a part of their lives. The big elephant. Dr. Vonda Abraamson at Vanderbilt. Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation gives a time out from cancer. Young mom or dad with children under 18. John Albert. Former wife Jill. Give the gift of memories. The foundation relies on gifts from the public. Families choose between few options. White Stallion Ranch near Tucson, AZ. It's a calmness; don't think about anything at all. A trip called a wow. Bill and Sandra Francis went to a Bronco's game, and meet and greet with Dallas Clark. Take the weekend with us forever. Todd Jordano lived for only six months after diagnosis. Jeff Curtis noted the trip did change things; if for ten minutes they forget about sickness, it is worth it. Theresa Curtis was wearing a WKU sweatshirt.

Almanac. Dec. 23, 1823. The Sentinel printed "A visit from St. Nicholas" by Clement Clark Moore. March 13, 1862 letter. Dash away all. The Night Before Christmas. Happy Christmas to All and All a Good Night.

1983 film A Christmas Story discussed by Mo Rocca. Ralphie Parker in 1940s Indiana. A leg lamp. Seinbeld of Christmas stories. Peter Billingsly. Now, one of the producers on Broadway Johnny Rabb played Ralphie. Gene Shephard wrote stories for Playboy Magazine, which became a book. kiddie korn. Movie on movie marathon. Brian Jones found the Cleveland house used for filming. Home opened to the public in 2006. A leg lamp in the window. Jones raised money to pay for the house by selling leg lamps. What is the message of the story? Love. Heart-warming.

Placido Domingo singing The Little Drummer Boy and interviewed by Tracy Smith. A force of nature. On-stage invincible. The worst thing is to fly in a plane. Must change planes if someone has cold. The voice shines more if quiet the day before. Can sing, but speaking makes him tired. Nonstop tour for most of the last five decades. Clip of him conducting; gets very sweating; needs to change clothes. Born in Spain; moved to Mexico. His mother heard him sing a Mexican song; she cried. That was a beautiful note. This year is his 45th at the Met. Pop album now out featuring duets, including with his son. Known as The Three Tenors. World Soccer Cup in 1990. No Royalties. Reports of a feud were not true. Friendly rivals. Frenemies? Pavarotti died in 2007.
Earthquake in Mexico in 1985. Domingo family members buried, tho parents un-hurt. Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Evil wizard in Dora the Explorer episode. He has 80 performances booked for 2013.

Steve Hartman on secret Santa in Staten Island. Wealthy businessman from Missouri gives about $100,000 away via $100 bills. [Recycled story from CBS Evening News.] Carol Hefty is going to frame the $100. Gave Janice Kennedy $300; Janice had lost her house.

Edelstein on Christmas movies. Tidings of great annoyance. On Les Miserables lost Edelstein's interest in first 30 seconds. Uncanny fog of atonality. Hugh Jackman's Jean Valjean. Forced to sing an octave too high. I dreamed a dream, looking like a plucked chicken. Django Unchained. Jack Reacher. Dinky Tom Cruise. It's a reach. This is 40. Anna Karenina is overstylized, deadly. The Hobbit is punishment. Surprise: The Guilt Trip. Limp and Wan. but leads have intimacy. Life of Pi. Skyfall and Argo are still kicking around.

A still life. Bill Geist. Suzanne Heintz. Denzer. An entire family in the window. Chauncy. Mary-Margaret. This year Steamboat Strings. Fiberglass family. final picture on a dog sled.

Bradley Cooper in The Hangover from 2009. Serena Alschuler does Sunday Profile on Bradley Cooper. The jerk in Wedding Crashers. The hearthrob in He's not that into you. People Magazine: sexiest man alive. Silver Linings Playbook. Got SAG and Golden Globe. Jennifer Lawrence. Coming home to Philadelphia. Met him at Highway Theater in Jenkintown, PA. Philly is idiosyncratic city. Irish father was a stockbroker. Talked about movies. Father was excited about movies. The Elephant Man. Rehearsing in his back yard. Platoon. Stand by me (train tracks). Father was example of American dream. Didn't get into Georgetown University first time; accepted next time. In 1999, small part in Sex in the City. Cooper had part in Alias. Issue of drug and alcohol. 2005 Wedding Crashers. 2009 the Hangover. Cooper said he watched Sunday Morning (Charles Kuralt) with Cooper's grandfather. Cooper is 37 now. Returns to Jenkintown. Lee's Hoagie House. His father died last year. Pointed to tree his father and he planted. Cooper always remembers Jenkintown.

Music. Bill Flanagan of MTV. Allan Light book on Hallelujah. Faith was strong but you needed proof. James Taylor Fire and Rain. Endurance and Perseverance. The Melodians based on Psalm 1:37. Bob Dylan. Bing Crosby. Going My Way. Holiday songs about separation and longing for reunion. White Christmas.

Holiday shopping in person 68%

Nancy Giles. Can any adult present be better than an easy bake over or a bicycle with training wheels. But then flannel pjs. Blank book. Selfish, self-involved. Christmas became all about what I got, or didn't get. But you grow up. Think about Sandy or Newtown. Wanted for Christmas: lova and peace and giving to people in need.

The week ahead. Monday: third anniversary of Obamacare. Tuesday: 50th anniversary of premier of To Kill a Mockingbird. Thursday: 80th anniversary Radio City Friday: Stan Lee.

Charles Osgood at the Baldwin piano: I'll be home for Christmas. Seasons Greetings appears on the screen.

Moment of Nature (no sponsor). Snows of Nevada, with wild horses.


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